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When it comes to choosing a hotel and your options are from the group of the same type of resort hotels, I feel that everything is pretty much the same except for a few things. I will bring up some points that I noticed about our hotel, Laguna Resort & Spa in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia.

By the way just in case some people don’t know, Bali is in Indonesia. The reason why I am writing this is because when the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” came out, some advertisements (especially ads made by travel companies) said “Italy, India and Bali” as opposed to “Italy, India and Indonesia” which I think should be in order to avoid confusion although I understand the intention for some companies to put Bali instead of Indonesia.

My girls and I tagged along with my husband/their dad on his business trip to Bali at the end of July. It was my girls’ and my first time in Bali even though we’ve been in Indonesia for a year. For most expats who move to Indonesia, they usually make a trip to Bali within the first 6 months after their arrival. I hadn’t had a chance to travel within Indonesia for a whole year I have been here. My husband travels domestically with his job, so when it comes to traveling for pleasure and whenever he can get some time off which he hasn’t gotten much in the past year, he prefers going overseas. I lose out on this situation, but I understand where he’s coming from.

I pretty much spent most of the time I had in Bali at Laguna Resort & Spa. After traveling for 5 weeks in the U.S. and Japan, I wanted to take it easy and just chill in Bali. Laguna Resort & Spa was perfect for that. I also figured I would have another chance to visit Bali and explore the city while we live in Indonesia.

Here are positive points I thought about Laguna Resort & Spa.

1. The hotel size is perfect. Easy to get around with small kids from the hotel room to the pools.
2. Breakfast has a wide range of choices and was delicious.
3. The hotel service is fast.
4. For my young children, it was easy to watch them at the pool. They loved playing at the artificial sand beach pools because they could play in the water and the sand while I sat on a chair without worrying about them.

I had a chance to visit a near by hotel, Grand Hyatt, in Nusa Dua. Grand Hyatt is located about a 15-minute walk from Laguna Resort & Spa. Here are things I observed and also heard about the hotel.

1. Grand Hyatt is gorgeous and gigantic. Depending on your room location, it can take you good 10 to 15 minutes from a room to a swimming pool or to a front lobby. People keep getting lost in the hotel and families with young kids found it hard to go back and forth.
2. Those who experienced both Grand Hyatt and Laguna Resort & Spa, they preferred the breakfast at Laguna Resort & Spa.
3. The hotel service is not fast probably because the hotel is so spread out and it has a much bigger volume of guests.
4. The pools are deep except for one kiddie pool, so if you are with little kids, you feel the need to get in the water with them or stay close to the pool side. The awesome thing abut this hotel, which Laguna Resort & Spa doesn’t have, is a water slide. It is so fun to go down the slide even for adults. If you have kids above age 4 or 5 who like to go down a water slide, this will be a big attraction.

Arwana at Laguna Resort & Spa
Expensive as most restaurants in a resorts are and the food was okay. However, the breakfast is served at Banyubiru Restaurant and it was one of the best breakfast selection I’ve seen.

Salsa Verde at Grand Hyatt
The food at this Italian restaurant at Grand Hyatt was excellent and the prices were much more reasonable than the restaurants at Laguna Resort & Spa. The restaurant has nice interior design with great ambiance. I loved it.

A great thing about Laguna Resort & Spa and Grand Hyatt above is that they are walking distance from Bali Collection where a ton of restaurants and shopping are available. You don’t have to drive anywhere to eat out outside of a hotel and that was wonderful. In Nusa Dua I heard that when you make a reservation with a restaurant, you might get a lift service and a vehicle will come pick you up at your hotel. When you explore to other areas for dining, check with your restaurant to see if they offer a vehicle service.


ちなみに、知らない方の為に、バリはインドネシアにあります。何故そんな事を書くかと言うと、ハリウッド映画である「Eat, Pray, Love(食べて、祈って、恋をして...)」という映画が上映になった時、広告によっては(特に旅行関係の会社)は、「イタリア、インド、インドネシア」の代わりに「イタリア、インド、バリ」と書いていた所がありました。イタリア、インドと国名で来て、国名であるインドネシアの代わりに島の名前のバリと入れてしまうと、ちょっとした勘違いを招く気がしたのですが、会社によってはインドネシアではなくバリを選択して宣伝に載せた理由も分かります。






リゾートホテルならではで、お食事は値段が高めに設定されていました。お食事はというと、特に美味しいという訳でもありませんでした。朝食は、Banyubiru Restaurantというレストランで出され、朝食の選択肢は、今まで経験した中で1、2を争うくらい程素晴らしかったです。



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  1. says

    I love how Western resort hotels decorate their Asian Resort!
    I know it’s just how the outside world presents Asian taste. In reality it’s more chaotic and not so tasteful at times. but I love how beautifully the West meets the East in interior decorations like this.

    • says

      I didn’t think about that part! Interesting. I do love the way Europeans decorate with Asian designs. I find it very refreshing. I would love to go to more of a local resort hotel next time we go to Bali. Not sure when I will be able to go next but hopefully before we’ll leave Indonesia!

  2. says

    おはようございます☆私も土曜日からはじめて、コモド、リンチャ、フローレスを回って最後にバリに行きます♬ フローレスでは、unominさんのブログを参考にさせて頂きました。

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        是非またバリに行く事があったらラグナにしてみます☆素敵情報ありがとうございます!今回は短期間で盛りだくさんなので、体調に気をつけて楽しんできますね。 レバランはJKTから人が消える?と聞きました。渋滞知らずの静かなJKTも経験してみたいです☆

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  3. Eri A. says

    バリ島、懐かしい!益々発展しているんですね。ジンバランベイのFour Seasonsも部屋にプライベートプールがあり良かったですよ。でも泊まらなくても(多分泊まれない)見てみたいのがブルガリホテル。もしチャンスがあったら写真を撮ってきて下さい。いつもかほちゃんのセンスの良さに感嘆。美しい写真、大好きです。 これからも楽しませて下さいね。

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