Lagnaa ☆ Indian Restaurant in Little India Singapore

We love Indian food. One of our favorite places to eat out in Jakarta, our current home, is Kinara in Kemang, South Jakarta. When we went to Hoi An, Vietnam in 2011 (blog posts index is under TRAVEL), we went to Ganesh. By far, Ganesh has been my favorite Indian restaurant and I believe it has the best value for price. When we visited Bangkok, we went to Indian Host which was recommended by our friend and it was very good. When we went to Kuala Lumpur in December 2011, we went to Sam’s Kitchen. Sam’s Kitchen serves a South Indian cuisine downstairs where we dined and a North Indian cuisine upstairs, which we didn’t have time to try. We loved the South Indian food at Sam’s Kitchen and we enjoyed the whole experience. All four restaurants above were excellent and we would go back to those restaurants.

As Indian Food lovers, we eagerly looked for an Indian restaurant in Singapore. Since there is Little India, the area where many stores where items from India are sold and Indian restaurants concentrate, we thought we’ve got to find a restaurant there. And we did. And we loved it. It’s called Lagnaa. Both my husband and I did online research separately on Indian restaurants in Singapore and we both found this place online. We wanted to go to a place that is reasonably priced and serves good food based on reviews and Lagnaa seemed like the one we were looking for. We went there and we were really happy with Lagnaa. In fact we liked it so much, we had gone back there one another time before we left Singapore. We had a table on the first floor the first time we went, but at the second time, we went there with our newborn baby, so we ate upstairs where you sit on the floor to eat. I don’t have photos of the room upstairs on this post, but you can see the upstairs on their homepage. We also introduced this restaurant to our friends in Singapore and they loved it, too!

No. 6, Upper Dickson Road
Singapore 207466
Tel: 62961215
Hours: 11:30 am – 10:30 pm


If you take a taxi, get off at the corner of Serangoon Road and Upper Dickson Road. Walk down Upper Dickson Road and you’ll see the sign for Lagnaa. The restaurant will be on your right. We walked passed the restaurant as we walked on the left side of the street facing Serangoon Road on our back the first time.


  1. partofliving says

    I love indian food too! Nice blog. Still wondering what apps did you use to merge all of those photo. 😀

    • says

      I use Picasa. It’s free to download. I recommend it since it’s easy. I used to use Picnik, but they closed the business. Picnik recommended Picmonkey ( which I really like now. It doesn’t have a collage function yet, but it’s supposed to be coming soon. I’m excited. I hope this helps.

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