Monday Mode ☆ Lace Top

I went a little crazy over buying lace tops this summer. I’m sure you can’t tell from these pictures. In case you don’t know me, I’m just kidding. It’s Monday, you need a little umph in your life, don’t you?

These two photos above and below are unfortunately blurry. I used a self timer and the focus is off. The front of the shirt is not at all exciting, so I figured it’s no big deal for the second photo especially to be out of focus.

Forever 21 in the U.S.

Forever 21 in the U.S. ZARA in Jakarta ZARA in Jakarta

I actually have one more top with lace on the back and one lace dress. Obsessed? Probably… I find lace tops very cute and sexy at the same time. I like the sheer look.

What design of clothes do you like lately? I have been itching to go shopping for new clothes. I went to the Pondok Indah Mall in South Jakarta (in Indonesia) for shopping the other day, but I was unsuccessful. I have such a small window of time in the morning to run errands and do anything I need to get done and I always feel that I don’t have enough time. I don’t even work.

If you are wondering why I am smiling in the photos, here’s the reason. I think as we get older, our face muscles get looser and weaker and are pulled down by gravity because when you get older, your skin looses the collagen and elasticity, which makes your face look older. If I smile, at least my cheeks are lifted. I believe that if you smile frequently, that will create nice happy wrinkles. Wrinkles tell the story of your life.

There is one person I can think of who looks gorgeous with her signature no-smile look: Victoria Beckham. There are people who look great without smiling. Not me. If I don’t smile, I look oooooold. Victoria Beckham looks stunning after 4 kids, doesn’t she?


  1. says

    I love each of the shirts! I only went to the US for a day so I barely had time to go shopping! And you are crazy, your face is perfect and you look gorgeous after 3 beautiful kids !

    • says

      Thank you!! It is tough. I am fortunate to live in Jakarta where I can afford to have a help who can watch my baby while I work out. Working out clears my mind and it helps me stay sane.

  2. Heidi says

    I’m in complete agreement, I have to smile or it adds 10 years to my face, lol. And I too have itch to shop, but I need to get some baby fat off first…wish me luck :)

    • says

      You can make shopping as your incentive! I heard that the fat you gain during pregnancy is easier to shed compared to regular fat and the first 6 months after giving birth (you’ve got to take 7-8 weeks of rest after delivery though!) is a key period and during this period baby fat comes off more easily than later. I feel that everyone is built differently, so it’s just a guideline, but I had this in mind. Nursing helped. I can’t imagine losing weight without nursing.

      • says

        I honestly don’t do a lot of shopping, flannel shirts I get from Topman or Superdry when they’re on sale (otherwise way out of my price range – I refuse to pay Rp.500 thou for a shirt!), lace stuff.. Forever 21 has reasonably priced ones from time to time (again, in the sale section :P)..

        I’ve been bugging my friend to take me to Pasar Senen as she always seems to get so many things from that market, but haven’t been there yet..

        Other than that, I just wait out sale seasons.. Not too fussy about ‘trends’, I just go for what’s comfy :) (local brand especially, so expensive!.. Big fan of x.s.m.l, have you been yet?)

        • says

          I’m a big time sale shopper, my friend. Otherwise I can’t afford! I have three kids and I have to buy them clothes, too. 😀 Pasar Senen. Note taken. I would not pay more than Rp 300K for a shirt… Forever 21 here has such high prices. I’ll have to keep my eyes and ears open for sale! We have to keep each other posted!! I have been to x.s.m.l.! I liked what they had! Thanks for reminding me. I’ll have to check it out again.


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