Project KOI V ☆ KOI Kemang Patio Furniture

Rattan patio furniture pieces you see here are the collection used and sold at KOI Kemang in Jakarta, Indonesia. Believe it or not, it’s not real rattan. The furniture looks just like made with real rattan even in person, but it’s made with material that is much more durable for the humid and rainy weather like in Indonesia. It’s much lighter than real rattan, too. I can attest to that as I moved the pieces myself for the photo shoot. I love the idea of being able to play with the pieces to make the sofa into a big size for one or two people or smaller for a group of people to sit around. Brilliant, isn’t it?

In term of photography, it was challenging for me to style and take photos of outdoor furniture on a porch for some reason. I hope I have learned from my mistakes.

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    Yikes, this post makes me long for a backyard! the furniture looks very inviting Kaho, especially the first ones with the cups of tea. You did a wonderful job!

    ps. I interviewed for a job in colorado,cross your fingers, not only will it be in my field of study, pharmacy, but I will also have the opportunity to use my bilingual skills.

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    Hi Kaho, I love love love “rattan” furniture. Wish I had a patio or backyard that I could use it in. Alas that’s never going to happen. Currently our balcony is facing a really busy street so all you’ll get when you hang there is the smog… sigh.

    Wonderful photos which made me want to have tea! =)


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