Friday Finds ☆ KOI Kemang Gallery

Hello! It’s the day for Friday Finds again. Are you ready for the weekend?

Today I’m presenting you the photos I’ve taken at the new KOI Kemang Gallery. I didn’t know that they actually had a gallery upstairs until our last visit when I went back there with my husband and our two kids about two weeks ago for brunch. Yep, we love their brunch! I was roaming around looking at art work displayed all over the store on the first floor while waiting for our dishes to arrive at our table. The main chef (from Belgium, I believe) of KOI Kemang happened to be taking a break at the front area and saw me take photos of some furniture and told me that there was a gallery on the upper level. Sweet!

I thought that this duvet cover looks really cool.

It just happened that the owner of KOI Kemang, Alain Cornil, was there that morning and he kindly gave us a tour of the gallery after we finished our delicious meal. I first communicated with him about a month ago to ask for permission to take photos of their restaurant. Here‘s the post if you haven’t seen it. He liked my photos and decided to use them on KOI Kemang on Trip Advisor. I had a chance to briefly meet him in person one time I went there for a girls night with my friends. This past visit was the first time I was able to introduce my husband and our girls.

During this visit, I learned something new about the furniture sold at KOI Kemang from Alain. It’s made with recycled teak wood. That is wonderful. I fully support recycling. You would never guess that it was recycled wood though. Alain explained to us that the maintenance of the furniture is very easy. All you have to do is to wipe the furniture with damp rag. No need for chemicals or soap. As simple as that. He said they serve wine, coffee, and tea on their tables and they do not have any stains on them. They are also very sturdy and last forever. It made me want to have their furniture even more.

The furniture used and sold at KOI Kemang is made by d-Bodhi. After I posted an entry about KOI, I heard from the company’s sales personnel and she asked me if she could use my photos on their Newsletter. I was very flattered. My photos were featured on their newsletter for October issue. Click here to visit d-Bodhi’s website. The intro has photos of their newest project and their current newest project photos were taken at KOI. I think it is another KOI restaurant in an area called Mahakam. I am yet to try this one. Soon we will…

Here are the photos of the gallery. The art pieces used to decorate the store space are also sold and they were made by local artists.

I hope you’ll enjoy viewing the photos.

There are private rooms where you can use for a gathering or conference. They even have a TV in one of the rooms which you can use for presentation.

They offer the 3rd floor for parties and conferences. This space is not advertised yet. They have a very nice projector and a big kitchen to serve many people. Don’t you think it would be so fun to have a wedding reception here? I don’t have a good picture of the scenery you can see from the balcony, but you can see the city of Kemang well and it’s nice. I like their outside seating as well.

Alain Cornil
Alain is originally from Belgium. He has been in Indonesia for a long time and is married to Amalia Cornil, who is from Indonesia and the creator of KOI Cafe and Gallery. Alain has a lot of energy and passion he shares with his wife. He’s very friendly and explained enthusiastically to both my husband and me a lot about the visions and plans he has for the new KOI Kemang. Thank you!!

KOI Kemang
Kemang Raya No. 72
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan
TEL: +62 21 719 5667 / +62 21 719 5668


The restaurant is on Kemang Raya No.72. If you’re coming down Kemang Raya from the north of Kemang, it’ll be on your right between Pertamina Gas Station and Jalan Kamang Selatan 1 with the “Rattan House” sign in the corner. Look for the red KOI sign.

I also have other photos I’ve taken of KOI’s food and furniture. To view more photos, click the Photography tab or here.


  1. says

    Wouahh! we can’t stop you Kaho, you are so productive with the blog! hard to keep tract at the moment and leave comments… but I am reading them all :)
    Anyway I love your Friday finds posts, I really want to save up, go to Jakarta and just go furniture shopping! one thing that could be helpful is adding a few prices here and there… like the bed frame, the TV console… I would love to have an idea of how much it costs in a nice shop THERE… we have many beautiful shops here in Singapore, but oh, my… it is expensive! and we know it is made in Indonesia for a fraction of the price…
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Tina says

    Hi Kaho,

    Again a wonderful job I must say. I have been to Koi several times as I am living here in Indonesia for quite a few years, but I never knew that they renovated their place so well. Actually its looking way better than before. Have you tried the one in Jl. Mahakam? Its not that big but i love the decor and food there as well.

    Enjoy your weekend:-)

  3. says

    Hi Kaho! This is the first time I’m dropping by your blog even though I’ve long wanted to do so after getting to know you in the BYW class! Will drop by more often from now on :)

  4. says

    There are some really lovely pieces you’ve captured in your photos – I especially love that desk chair in the desk by the window – would be perfect for me to sit in while blogging :)

  5. says

    THis place is huge! It has everything. My favorite piece of furniture was the dining table with the purple curvy chairs! How exciting that they used your photos!! Kaho maybe you should suggest to Alain the idea about the wedding ceremony. (interesting my cousin who lives in Texas is married to a guy named Alain(he is from Mexico), wonder if there are many Alain’s in Belguim)


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