Project KOI IX ☆ Dining Set

Back to my photo series of Project KOI on Thursdays! I’ve been into industrial designs lately. I love the cool rustic look with natural wood. Photos hung on the walls are for sale at KOI Kemang. The chic black and white photos in white photo frames are something I would love to eventually have in our home. I styled this set as a breakfast for two. Belgian Waffle, Egg Florentine, and Fruit Salad for you!

As for the shelves, I like the storing while displaying idea. White dishes and glasses are pretty additions to the ornaments and decor on the shelves. When I display at home, I try not to put too much. The right amount to show is the key to make a space look neat and organized yet decorative.



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    Wow – very well executed Kaho. I think you definitely have a stylist in you! Now I’m going to have to catch up with all your Project Koi.

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    You really know how to style, Kaho – it looks great! I LOVE the industrial furniture as well. Is this in your house?? You don´t have concrete floor do you? Just have to make sure :)
    I hope you are well, dear.
    Nina xoxo


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