Project KOI ☆ Bar Table, Bar Stools & Bar Food

I would love to have a bar table and stools like these if we ever own our home and our kids are older. Which one would be your pick? I like the look of the natural wood stool, but the stool with white rattan seat is also lovely. If you have some yummy munchies on the bar table… Voila! You have a casual place to entertain your friends. I would love to make the kitchen area my family’s gathering area. I also have wanted my home to be where we can get together with our friends and they can feel at home and relax. A bar table and stools will help make this come true. By the way, KOI has delicious mini burgers!! I want to know the secret because they are so juicy and flavorful! KOI also has delightful drinks that are thirst quenching and mouth-watering. By the way I don’t say this because I get to take pictures for KOI. I do because I really mean it.


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    Refreshing pictures! Thank you for posting this. I have a counter table connected to the kitchen and me and my husband are planning to make it our own bar! I think all adults love the idea of their “own bar” lol. Love the stools combining natural materials with steel. The white chair has a back support which I bet is much comforter to sit than the other one (I sound like an old lady).


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