Project KOI VII ☆ Living Room Set

I like this set of a coffee table and shelves with combination of the sofa and chairs. The metal frames of the table and shelves with the natural recycled wood blocks makes the edgy feel. The industrial design is what I seem to be drawn to. I picked these sofa and chairs to go with this set of coffee table and shelves because of the rounded shape and their smooth lines which softens the whole look. They all are available at KOI Gallery in Kemang, Jakarta, Indonesia. These sofa and chairs are great for a warm weather like we have in Jakarta. I have been eying on this lamp for a while. I would love to have it in our house. The only thing about this lamp for us who are such nomads is that they are heavy and it will be hard for us to ship it from country to country, but this lamp is calling my name. Do you see the antiques on the shelves and coffee table? They are all one of a kind and available at KOI Kemang.

If you are interested in seeing other photos of the KOI furniture, you can see the index here or under the Photography tab.


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    Hi Kaho, I’ve been eyeing the lamp as well! But it’s quite expensive and tooo big for a person like me who likes to live in apartments/condos. I’ve finally found the stainless steel drop lamp in ace!!! And only for 1.2M! Not bad at all!

    Btw I love the idea of how you stacked the books with the ones in the sides lying down, while the center is vertical. Will keep this in mind for my bookshelves!

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      You found the stainless steel drop lamp! I’ve been looking for it for a long time! I bet they already sold out on that… Hummm. I will have to keep looking because that’s what I want to have in my living room!

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        They just restocked in Ace Gandaria. They have a massive one for 1.8M but I got the smaller one for 1.2M. You should definitely go asap because they run out of nice things so fast here in Jakarta and you don’t know when they will restock again! =)

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