Project KOI XV ☆ Acapulco Dining Table & Sledge Dining Chair

KOI Dining Set01

KOI Dining Set03

KOI Dining Set05

KOI Dining Set

KOI Dining Set06

These photos of the dining room set at the gallery on the second floor of KOI Kemang in South Jakarta, Indonesia, were taken in November, 2011. At that time I was 5 months pregnant and was not blogging much due to my nausea. Now it’s all good memories even the struggles during my third pregnancy. These photos have been forgotten to be used on my blog and recently I saw them in my iPhoto and thought I should post them on my blog. So, here they are.

This dining set has an Acapulco Dining Table and Sledge Dining Chairs. The straight lines of the furniture makes the minimalist and clean-cut look. I like minimalist furniture with simple lines. My favorite style at the moment, however, is an industrial design that is more edgy such as in Project KOI XII and Project KOI XIII. As for the availability of this furniture, please check with KOI Kemang. Since the photos were taken in November, 2011, they might not have this style any more. Please scroll down for the information of the KOI Gallery.

For this dining set photo shoot, I imagined a casual evening gathering with friends and the food on the table is appetizers. I wanted the room to look cheerful and fun. I used the Batik fabric as a prop. I picked these colorful and cheerful paintings on the wall. The big painting of a bear is something I would buy myself if I have enough money. One of these days, I hope my husband and I will be able to afford some paintings.

KOI Dining Set1

KOI Dining Set09

KOI Dining Set11

For more photos of the furniture at KOI Kemang Gallery on the 2nd floor, please go to the Photography page. Thank you!

KOI Kemang
Kemang Raya No. 72
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan
TEL: +62 21 719 5667 / +62 21 719 5668



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