Kids ☆ Seven, Four & Four Months

We spent our first summer vacation with 3 kids in 2012. My three kids were seven years old, four years old and four months old. We are having many “first time” experiences as a family of five. This was the first time for our baby to go into the swimming pool with his two big sisters. I must say that it is the small mundane things that give me joy of having three kids.

These photos were taken at my husband’s grandmother’s beautiful patio. My husband’s grandmother can be an interior designer. She’s really talented and her house is dazzling.

Little one with crossed legs. Don’t you think he kind of looks like a grown up?

My friends with grown up kids often told me that I should enjoy the time with my kids when they were little because they grow up fast. I think I finally see what they meant.

Kids were obviously fascinated by something, but sadly I don’t even remember what they were looking at. Does this happen to you? Is this aging or sleep deprivation? Hopefully it’s the latter.


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