Before & After ☆ Kids Play Room

Before & After

wall decor butterflies: Target

[edit] board: SPONTAN IKEA magnet: Crate&Barrel

wall decal: Urban Outfitters

This is a small den on the second floor we converted into a kids play room. Our neighbors use this as a study, but I wanted it to be our kids play room where I could decorate the room with our IKEA furniture, the small number of furniture pieces we were able to include in our shipping.

I wanted the room to be more of a gray color, but my girls voted against it. So, we settled with light purple. The furniture and most of the decoration comes from IKEA except for the butterflies. I picked up a box with the silver butterflies at Target about 9 months ago. I’m happy that I can finally use them.

This kids room is very different from the kids area we had in our old apartment back in Arlington. I loved our kids area since I was able to see kids play from the kitchen.

My daughter’s friend drew on the wall with kids lip stick (luckily with light colors) today. I was downstairs. It’s alright, but this definitely alarmed me a bit and now I am not certain if it’s a good idea to have a kids play area upstairs away from the living room downstairs. My girls are old enough to be up there by themselves and I trust them, but the problem emerge when we have friends over. We’ll see how kids will like this play room and how it’ll work out for me and my friends.


    • says

      Thanks for a good question!!! It’s SPONTAN I bought at IKEA. I’m going to add that info on the post. You can’t use a marker to draw on it, which is a bummer, but I’d like to use it as a board to display my drawings.

  1. Meredith says

    I love your style and I’d like to hire you in advance to decorate our home whenever we move some place for real. Okay?!

  2. says

    Hi Kaho,
    Yumi told me about your blog today and she was right about everything – it’s fantastic!
    I love how you’ve combined: kids, decor, food, life as an expat, etc. Your daughters are stunning.
    I too have a wordpress blog but it’s hardly as beautiful as yours!
    I have it for our twins – well actually for our grandparents.
    Hope all is well.
    Many happy greetings from Tokyo!

    • says

      Sanne!! So happy to see you here, my friend! Thanks for leaving me a comment. I appreciate your thoughts! I have been checking your blog. I know well about it!! Love your photos and your new home. Haven’t I left you a comment? :) Thanks for coming by! I’m so glad you and Yumi are getting together. Only if I could join you all!

  3. says

    I love the tree decoration with the blue birds! aww inspires serenity.. and the butterflies very nice. I can see where it could be a problem not having adult supervision but like you said your girls are old enough. I really like the furniture for Ikea its perfect to keep things organized.

  4. says

    LOOOVE it! It looks like a very fun place to play, and like it was decorated with love and affection :) I want a wall decal too! heading to UO to order one, what a great idea for temporary houses!

  5. says

    How great your girls have a room where they can spread out all their toys and have fun. I love the magnetic boards and the wall sticker looks fantastic! I know what you mean about being able to keep an eye on them, Grace plays in our living room which I can see from the kitchen so I always know where she is and what she’s up to. Your girls are older though so I’m sure that they’ll be perfectly fine :)

    • says

      I used to have the same set-up back in the U.S. and I loved it. I kind of miss it, but I love having that little room as well. The magnetic boards are awesome. Recommend them and love the wall sticker. I have never used wall stickers before, but now I can’t imagine decorating our space without them.

  6. says

    Kaho, so lovely to meet you and find your blog. Thanks for linking up your kid’s gorgeous room to my linky (sorry your first link didn’t work), that’s terrific!! I LOVE the wall decal with the tree and blue-birds. And, your mirrored butterflies are wonderful.

    Thanks again for joining in – BYW has been such a great place to connect with new and wonderful bloggers like yourself!

    Linda. x

  7. says

    Such a gorgeous play room. You have wonderful style and taste Kaho! I especially love the wall with the butterflies and photos. =) You ordered from UrbanOutfitters and had no problems with delivery to Jakarta?


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