Monday Mode ☆ Kids Japanese Yukata

Yukata is a summer kimono made of cotton. In Japan many Japanese people, especially women and kids, like to wear yukata to a city summer festival or fireworks events (hanabi taikai) during summer. Unlike kimono which is much more formal, much more sophisticated to wear, and more expensive, yukata is casual, easier to put on and less expensive. I love UNIQLO‘s yukata because their design is very cute and they are very reasonable. Yukata is seasonal, so you usually see them at stores during summer or I should say you only see them in the summer time. When I go back to Japan usually during the summer break, I look for them for my kids because they grow up so fast. I bought this Yukata that my daughter is wearing in the photos second hand. She loves wearing it and she calls it “Japanese princess outfit”. I need to teach her that it’s called “yukata”. Whatever makes my children interested in Japanese culture, I accept it. It makes me happy to see them happy and interested in my culture. I love that my children have double identities and American and Japanese heritages, but I realize that raising them while balancing both identities and teaching them dual languages are not as easy as I ever imagined before I had my kids.


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