Kids In A New Outfit

My older daughter got this shirt and jeans from my husband’s dad and step-mom as a Christmas gift and my younger daughter got this dress from my husband’s mom and step-dad. They did a great job picking out an outfit! I’m always impressed with what they pick out for our kids. There are more outfits from them, but I don’t have the photos of my girls wearing them yet. I will eventually show them here on Monday Mode in the future.

Have you started putting away your Christmas decoration? When do you put away your Christmas decoration in your culture? I have just started to redecorate our house back to the regular decoration and my dining area looks like a disaster. In Japan, as soon as Christmas is over, people switch into a New Year’s mode and clear the Christmas decoration in order to change the atmosphere to more for the end of the year and New Year’s celebration. That time of the year is the biggest holiday in Japan.

I’m a bit sad that Christmas is over and I still sing Christmas songs. I look forward to the new year though.

This is a tree and candles at my friends. I find them very magical.


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