Kempi Deli’s Marshmallows ☆ Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta

My friend brought me these wonderful homemade marshmallows and I fell in love with them. I never knew that homemade marshmallows taste so delicate and wonderful! These are not marshmallows you would use for s’mores. They are your company for afternoon tea or coffee.

You can find these at Kempi Deli at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski. Each of the package of marshmallows are Rp. 20,000 (US$2.5). Considering a bag of imported marshmallows here is $6-7, I think that price is reasonable. It doesn’t look cool to bring a bag of marshmallows as a gift to visit friends, but you certainly can with these. If you have an opportunity to go to Grand Indonesia, you might want to take a peek at Kempi Deli. I have seen it all the time, but I have never even thought of checking it out until recently. You never know where the treasures exist.

Kempi Deli at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1, 10310 Jakarta

Opening Hours: 7:00am to 10:00pm
For Inquiries and Reservations: 010 6465 3388 ext.4227

I would like to express my deep appreciation for all of your heartwarming comments for the people in Japan who were affected by the earthquake and Tsunami. I wish I could go help the people in the Northeast area of Mainland Japan. I feel helpless. If you are thinking about donating money for Japan, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Society is one avenue for you to help Japan. Thank you if you have already donated money.

I’m worried about the people who are living in a shelter. The sorrow and shock have veiled Japan. Hopefully the situation with lack of water and food will improve and more people will be able to get united with their missing families and friends. I hope that people who were hit hard by the earthquake will not give up their hope. Thank you for your continuous support.


  1. says

    I’m with you there, Kaho.
    I’m hoping (against hope) for unexpected reunions for all the people in the tsunami affected area.
    Fingers crossed.

  2. says

    Hi Kaho, that looks super yummy! Thanks for sharing this discovery. I’ve seen it a couple of times but never thought to check it out because it looks expensive. I want those mallows though! They look so fluffy and scrumptious!

    I hope the situation improves….hope and prayers!

  3. says

    Glad to hear that your family are okay in Japan. Thanks for the info on how we can help Japan. Hope the nuclear reactor situation will not get worse, can’t imagine what will happen to Japan and the world if that happened. The situation seems so hopeless but looking at the beautiful photos in your blog does help to cheer one up!!

    • says

      Thanks for your sweet words!! I am watching the news closely. I hope the situation improves. Let’s hope that we can avoid the worst case scenario.

  4. prisilia says

    Gosh, Kaho … Why you always put my favourite places on your blog? I love Kempi Deli. Specially, I love the strawberry cheese cake, I don’t know if they still have that. I used to buy the whole cake for various occasions. I really miss Jakarta because of you :-) Have to go back to my hometown for a quick visit soon, I mean really really soon. In the meantime, do you have more places to put on your blog? Just to make me suffer? LOL

    • says

      You know Kempi Deli!! I haven’t tried Kempi Deli’s cheese cake, but I LOVE cheese cake in general, so I will have to make a trip back to Kempi Deli and get your favorite strawberry cheese cake next time!! I’ll check if they still do for you! You should definitely come back to your wonderful home town soon!! I’m loving it! Oh, Jakarta offers SO MANY wonderful places!!! Come home!! :)

      • prisilia says

        Of course!! I used to go to Kempi Deli for a tea break (since I don’t drink coffee, sigh) & a slice of cake in the afternoon, just to take a little breather before going back to another long hours at the office. Before moved to Grand Indonesia, it was located in Mid Plaza Building adjacent to the old Kempinsky Hotel (it’s Intercontinental Hotel Mid Plaza now, I think). Ah, the wonderful places in Jakarta. Hey, have you been to the The Papilion yet? It’s the glass building in Kemang, you won’t miss it. For you, I think it covers all of your fascinations. You should try the desserts, chocolates, truffles at Huize van Wely, and if you like beautiful dresses, come and check out Biyan (one of Indonesian top designers). It’s got a french restaurant too on the 3rd level, SHY (haven’t tried it yet though), but I used to go to the SHY rooftop (it’s a lounge) every now and then on weekends, to hang out with friends, celebrating birthdays, or to see a live band. Well, Kaho, I think I have to stop reading your blog for a while now (pun intended) :) I will come home! (sorry for my long comments)

        • says

          I personally love any comments with any length, so no worries! I have not been to Papillion and I’ve been wanting to check it out for months. It always gives me an impression that things are expensive there and also I haven’t had a chance to go there. Because it looks so luxurious, it’s not all that welcoming to me, so I have never tried. I definitely have to check it out soon! Thanks for the information!!!


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