Kemang Dalam Playground ☆ South Jakarta

Playground in Kemang Dalam is one of the two outdoor playgrounds in the Kemang area. The other one is Play Parq Kemang on Kemang Timur.

クマン・ダラムにあるプレイグラウンドは、クマンにある2つの公園のうちの一つです。もう一つは、プレイパーク(Play Parq Kemang)といって、クマン・ティムールにあります。

Splash Park Area 水遊び場

These photos above were taken at Playground in Kemang Dalam in August, 2011. I have forgotten about these photos for the longest time since at that time I was about 9 weeks pregnant and I just started having morning sickness which slowed me down on posting.

Below are the photos I took today on May 29, 2012.
Kids Tables and Chairs  子供用テーブル

Outside food is not allowed to be brought in, so you have to order lunch if you get hungry.

My son and I were boiling outside. It was not so pleasant to sit out in the seating area with a roof with a baby. I was melting.

My first choice for today was Play Parq in Kemang Timur because of the air conditioned indoor area, but they do not open till 2:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, which I didn’t know about till today! Tamani Kafe/Cafe might have been a better alternative for me today.

今日の第一希望は、実はプレイパーク(Play Parq)でした。ところが、火曜日だけは2時開園なんだそう。たまたま火曜日に行ってしまった私。今まで知りませんでした!タマニ・カフェ(Tamani Kafe/Cafe)の方が良かったかな〜?

Playground Or Playparq?

Seating Areas
Playparq has an indoor seating area and cafe inside the air conditioned building.

Splash Area
Playground in Kemang Dalam has a bigger splash area with a slide and water toys where you go in barefoot. Adult supervision might be necessary for younger children there. Playparq has more of a splash zone in the play ground.

Indoor Play Area
Playparq has an indoor play area for kids to play. It’s a good alternative for an outdoor play area for a cloudy day when it looks like it could pour.

Admission Per Child For The Day – IDR 65,000 (US$6.5)

Jl. Kemang Dalam IIIB no. 6
Tel: 021 719 6962

08:00-18:00 daily including public holidays except Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and a 3 day period over Idul Fitri.


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    Good review about the differences.I like them both but the splash area in Kemang Dalam is nicer. I do like the indoor and wifi at the playparq… Let’s go together sometime!


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