Friday Finds ☆ Rainbow Cake at Jesslyn K. Cakes

Rainbow cake anyone? Rainbow cake seems to be the cake to have these days. My friend bought a piece of rainbow cake at Jesslyn K. Cake, a local bakery in Indonesia, and it was good. I recently went by Jesslyn K. Cake store in Dharmawangsa Square to buy a piece of rainbow cake. I did not pay attention to the exact price, but I remember it was very reasonable. I bought a piece in order to take photos. I didn’t do a good job though. First of all, I wasn’t careful enough and the part of the frosting actually came off… Oops. Second of all, I was in a rush and thus, I did a poor job on styling.

However, my point here is to tell you that you can buy rainbow cakes at a local bakery, Jesslyn K. Cake, with a very reasonable price and it actually tastes great. I have seen rainbow cakes at other stores in Jakarta, but the prices I saw didn’t appeal to me. It would be a fun cake to have for any occasions, especially for a kid’s birthday party, don’t you think?

A cup of nice English tea would complete my afternoon snack. When I have company, I serve tea in my favorite Tulisan cups. This is just one of them. I love my tea cups.

I found these locations on If you know any other pages for better location information, please let me know.

Ruko Galeri Mediterania (PIK)
Darmawangsa Square
Diamond Mall Kelapa Gading
Mall Artha Gading
The Food Place Jakarta
Mangga Dua Square
Pondok Indah Mall 2
Mall Artha Gading (Diamond Supermarket)
ITC Cempaka Mas Lt LG No. 78
Grand Lucky


  1. Clayton says

    I love rainbow cake! Those were great photos, too. Yet another thing about Jakarta that I miss. Hope all’s well with you five.

    • says

      Great job!! It looks well done! I believe a rainbow cake is a very labor intensive cake and it’s hard to make. Kudos to you! Thanks for sharing!!

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