Monday Mode ☆ Jeans Dresses

Jeans dresses are really cute and I wish I own one for myself, too. I purchased these jeans dresses at GAP kids when I was visiting my husband’s family in Texas. There was great sales at a GAP store and I loved shopping clothes for my kids there. I don’t think I had enough time to grab anything for myself. How can that be possible? I miss hitting wonderful sales in the U.S.

When I looked at these two photos above, I saw different effects of the lights based on the directions from which the sun light is coming and amount of light there was when taking photos. My older daughter gets the direct sun light from her side, and my second daughter is in the shade. The colors that came out in photos are quite different although I took these photos around the same time. I learn about photography every time I use my camera and I learn more when I make mistakes. It is a slow process for me as I don’t have much time to learn about photography now with young children.

Here is a link for photography tips. There are great advice and tips for photographers and fashion bloggers. The blog is called A Beautiful Mess. The authors, Elsie and Emma, are so inspiring!


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    I love their dresses and their shoes. As always, lovely lovely girls.

    Thanks for the link on photography. I’m not as advanced as you – and I’m still stubbornly using windows phone and my point & shoot~ A great point about the lighting. I’m learning about garden photography and well, understanding how the sun hits the plants on certain time of the day is a challenge!

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      I think point and shoot is just fine. I started my blog with point and shoot. :) Garden photography is fun! My dad rents out a field in Tokyo and my kids and I went to see the vegetables he grew. It was fun to take photos of the veggies!

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