Japanse Nail Art ☆ Bandung, Indonesia

One of the activities I loved doing in Bandung with my girls was to go to a nail salon (almost a booth) at a shopping mall where you can get Japanese nail art (mani/pedi with drawing on the nails) done.

I took the girls to one of the major shopping malls, I believe it was the Bandung Indah Plaza. (I’m sorry that my memory is blurry as I went to Bandung almost a year ago and I was pregnant.)

If I remember correctly, it was Nail World. It was on the third floor of the Bandung Indah Plaza. It is just a couple of tables with chairs in an open space when I went there.

The girls loved getting their nails done and I love manicure done with the Japanese nail art in Bandung! It was very inexpensive, too. I don’t think you can get manicure done as cheaply as we did in Bandung in Jakarta, Indonesia. If you go to Bandung, manicure or pedicure is one of the things that you might want to treat yourself with during your trip there.

Bandung Indah Plaza
Jl. Merdeka No. 56
Bandung – 40115
West Java, Indonesia
phone +62 22 4230850; 4241656
e-mail customer.service@bipcitycentral.com
website www.yourlippomall.com

Nail World


  1. says

    Wow! How cute! Yes I find it so strange that mani/pedi’s are expensive in Jakarta. I make sure to get a super posh mani pedi with all the pampering treats (masks, long massages, soaks, etc.) when I am in Manila for less than the price of a basic pedicure in Jakarta. Will have to remember to do this if I find myself in Bandung sometime. What else is there to do in Bandung aside from shopping? I find the outlet shopping expensive so I need a different motivation. Thanks for the info Kaho!

  2. Mikiko says

    So cute!! I envy u guys!! Nairobi is sucks!! It is much bigger town than the Dakar but there is nothing!! So I just do my nails by myself. Thanks god , I have time now to do it with my maid now. lol. And I ask my boys’ opinion . Hey look mom ‘s nails. Cute? They say yeah mommy. lol. I wish I could go Asia next time.

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