Inspirations For Blogging ☆ What Keeps Me Going

If I am asked what inspires me to blog, I would probably say my children. Seeing little steps my children take in their development such as my son chewing on his own toes is always fascinating to me and keeping these moments with my camera became important to me. I want to record the precious moments as I raise them, and also share the hardship I go through in a hope that it will help some other parents out there.

After some experiments with my middle child who was a very difficult child to feed as a toddler, I wrote a post “Raising A Finicky Eater” where I listed what helped me to get her interested in eating more.

I have written a couple of episodes about my frustration with potty training such as “Poop or Get Off the Potty” and “Color Analysis III – Cosmetics” (The title sounds nothing to do with potty training, but it does talk about potty training). Now when I read these posts, they bring back my bitter sweet memories.

Then my daughter had a surgery over a year ago. I wanted to document that experience, so I wrote a couple of posts such as “My Daughter’s Surgery”.

When we went to Central Park in New York City three years ago in 2010, I had so much fun taking photos of my kids at the Central Park. To this day I enjoy going back to these posts I wrote about our trip in New York City.

Even a small activity such as taking silly photos of my oldest one jumping off the diving board becomes a fun activity and it ends up on my blog as “Flying Daughter”.

My kids make me want to live every moment to the full and preserve some moments. Through photography and blogging, I am keeping a journal of our lives together. They inspire me to keep taking their photos and writing about them. That is the base and core of my blog.


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    aww he’s SO cute! Love his fluffy hair and onesie top :) I like reading honest blogs, and yours will always be my top reads. I’m def reading your ‘poop or get off the potty’ post, Laura’s turning ONE soon, and i’m educating myself with potty-related info, eek!

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      Aha! Potty training is one thing that I’m not good at… Thank you for the sweet words. Thanks to someone like you, I do feel encourage to keep writing.

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    Don’t you think it will be nice if you can print out your blog posts and make a hard copy book in the future? I feel the same way about FB too. Then you don’t need to make photo albums on top of your blog…

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    I feel the same way:) And home making/decorating…that inspires me too. Popping in to say hi and check out your lovely blog via BYW Boot Camp. So nice to see I wasn’t the only late one posting last week’s homework;) x

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      Hi, Kim! I’m glad you popped in to say hi! It’s always nice to meet a new classmate since there are so many, it’s not possible to meet everyone, so thanks for coming by! Will come by yours, too!

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    Such a sweet little kid! And aren’t you just totally amazed they can stick their feet into their mouth and not even look like it requires any flexibility at all? Call me silly but I’ve tried it… Won’t even get near.. lol…

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    I love how you always keep your Dslr handy … All the pictures looks very natural, love the stories behind it as well … Lovely family you have there :) … Whats your husband line of work again? I guess its pretty great to see the parts of the world evantually … Good luck …

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      Thank you for the comment! I am happy to know that some people do read my stories! We love adventures and are fortunate to be able to have them. It’s not easy always carrying a DSLR, but I don’t want to miss the moment.

  6. Miimii says

    Awwwwwww! I just saw these pics. now!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING! You made me thinking seriously about having a baby:) love you Kaho and your son

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