Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Indonesian Wedding Reception & Portraits

I had an opportunity to go to my husband’s coworker’s wedding in November, 2011. My husband was unfortunately out of town for business and could not attend, so our girls and I represented him. Not only was it my very first time to witness an Indonesian wedding reception but our girls were invited to be part of this Indonesian wedding! Needless to say, it was a very special experience for all three of us!

The theme was blue and rock music. The groom is a band guy and plays the guitar, so there were many decorative items and photos that were relative to music and guitar. The portraits were very artistic and professional looking and I could tell that the ideas and designs came from the talented bride. I was just awed by all the interesting and gorgeous portraits displayed at the reception.

The plastic cases with key chain, thermos and name card case are party favor for those who gave the bride and groom gifts. By the time we left, it was late, so there were only name card cases available. My girls wanted the flower key chain, but we were told that they had been all gone. What can we do? Our girls were party animals that night and didn’t want to leave.

I didn’t go around and take photos of the reception as I was busy feeding my two beasts, but also I didn’t think that it was appropriate. That’s why I don’t have a whole lot of photos from the reception, but I can tell you that the food was quite amazing. In Indonesia it is very common to have a buffet style wedding reception and people stand and eat. There was no tables, thus you do not have a table assignment. In some way, it was easier that way with little kids.

The highlight of the night was this.

Wedding Dancers!

Prior to this performance, the groom performed a few songs with his band and even a bride sang at the reception. When the band performance was over, the dance music by DJ started and a funky fashion guy and girl who were standing in front of me ran out to the open space in front of the crowd and started dancing. I thought they were guests, so I was shocked and thought “goodness, what a show-off…” As I watch, more people started popping out from the audience and started dancing in front of the crowd. That was the point I realized “the dance is choreographed and these are professional dancers!” I have never heard of them before!

The girls had a blast. I wish my husband was there to see the girls in action at the reception. It was very sweet.

Here are some photos of my monkey daughters. I plan on posting photos of them in their dresses next Monday for the Monday Mode (if I don’t end up being lazy). Stay tuned!


  1. Katherine says

    Happy New Year! Your girls are looking so grown up and beautiful. Congratulations on your upcoming addition to the family.

  2. says

    Is this your first time going to an Indonesian Wedding ? You should tell me! I would like to invite you to mine! Have you seen the pics of my wedding on my blog? (I got two entries posted on December 2011) Mine has 1,200 peeps in it. It was super fun though!
    Those wedding dancers are not Jakartans style. Usually people who hired the dancers are those who originally come from outside Jakarta. It was kinda tacky to start the after party session by hiring dancers to dance first. Hehe… mine starts with me and my husband dancing by Chris Brown’s song Yeah3X. For more full of entertainment wedding, you should go to Surabaya! They’re crazyyy! Hope one day you’ll get the seating dinner wedding invitation from Surabaya to experience it.
    Your two daughters as usual are very2 cute! Can’t wait to see their pics on Monday!

    • says

      It was my first time at the wedding in Indonesia. :) I will come visit your blog to look at your photos. Is it common to have that many guests? That must be so expensive to have a wedding!! In Japan, unless you are a celebrity, you can never afford to have a wedding of that size! I’m familiar with 50 to maybe 100 guests, but 100 is a lot in the Japanese culture, I believe. Thanks for the comment! I will try to post the photos of my girls on Monday!!

  3. says

    I love the idea of putting samples of the giveaways in suspended glass boxes! And a flash mob during a wedding – that’s just epic! How cool is that? Thanks for sharing with us your experience. I’ve only been to 2 weddings in Indonesia and yet I’ve never experienced something this modern so I’m glad to read about it in your blog. I have yet to post on the second wedding I attended. It was totally traditional and the bride and groom wore outfits for royalty traditional in Yogyakarta. Your post is inspiring me to get a move on. =)

    • says

      I thought that it was awesome although I was at first sooooo surprised! I enjoyed attending the wedding reception even though my hubby could not join us probably because not only is the bride my husband’s coworker, but I also consider as my friend and she and her family treat my girls as if they are their family members. I wanted to be there for her and my girls loved the experience. You should post yours, too, but take your time. It took me two months to do it!

    • says

      Thanks, Savvy Sister!! Haha, flash mob! I thought that it was hysterical and then awesome. :) I hear you. It’s worth having a wedding just to have the flash mob!

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