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Have you heard of Indie Ink? I learned about it from the blog I recently discovered Sunday Photo through one of the blogs I follow, Croatia.

I noticed that Krystal, the author of Sunday Photo has this button on her blog.

I visited the “Indie Ink” blog and I really liked what they do.
Who we are: a non-profit independent literary and art collective and community of writers and artists who may not have been seen otherwise, but whose work is filled with such passion and spirit, it demands to be seen. (quote from Indie Ink)
You can read more about what Indie Ink is about here. I thought that it was very neat.

If you are kind enough to be interested in seeing which picture I submitted to Indie Inc., please click HERE! It is my favorite picture and makes me very sentimental when I look at it.

You might also want to check out a photo posted before me, which is called “Greetings from Hollywood Beach” and is beautiful. Click here to see it.

Going back to the subject of the two bloggers who I got to be connected through blogging, both Krystal, the author of “Sunday Photo” and Elisa, the author of “Croatia” are sweet ladies and meeting friends like them through blogging is one of the benefits I gain through blogging.

Sunday Photo

Krystal takes beautiful pictures with her camera. I like her perspective. She also explores her camera and for those who are new to an SLR camera and learning how to use it, her posts about different functions on the camera could be very helpful.


Elisa was originally from Mexico and her family moved to the States when she was little. She lived in Texas which we have in common! She pursues a life as an expat in Croatia as she’s married to a Croatian husband and they have a cute little girl. She documents her life in Croatia and sometimes she puts some Mexican food recipes which I love to have for my Texan hubby.

Krystal also keeps a fashion blog called “Village” which I also enjoy visiting and I get inspired by her a lot.


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    I am SO excited that you put a picture on Indie Ink!!! Isn’t it a great site!! I love the picture, it looks like such a great memory :) And thank you so much for all of your kind words and the shout out. So glad to have found you in blogland :) :)

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    I second Dara above. And, as founder of II I can’t thank you enough for submitting, supporting and helping make the site what it is. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with ye olde internets! I can’t wait to see more of your talent. You’ve got a wonderful gift and I’m humbled you share with us. :)


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