Wednesday Wall2Wall Interior ☆ Incredible Birthday Party and Decoration

My daughter was invited to her classmate’s birthday party. She insisted on going to her friend’s party because many of her classmates were going, but I don’t think she knew what to expect. Neither did I. However, when I saw that the venue was at a well-known hotel in downtown, I sensed that this was going to be one of a kind birthday party. I have heard rumors about lavish birthday parties thrown by wealthy families in Indonesia.

Holy Cow. Is this for real? That was my reaction.

My chin dropped. I felt like I stepped into the world of Alice In Wonderland. I didn’t know that this kind of birthday party existed. Moreover I never imagined that we (my daughter) would be invited to a birthday party like this.

Needless to say, kids went crazy over all the entertainment and activities they had.

I was in heaven. It is not too far off to say that I might have had more fun than my daughters. As I stood right by the sashimi bar, I called my husband who was working on Saturday night from home. I told him he should just drop whatever he was doing and come over. He was still working and too tired to get dressed to come. It was a shame that he had to miss this amazing spread. At the same time, I only saw a few husbands there, so maybe it was for better. Even now thinking about the food made my stomach rumble.

We took photos on a machine (we call this “print club” in Japan) for fun. I wish my husband was there with us!!

To my surprise, my daughter received an iPod nano as a party favor. Wait. Whose birthday was this? I don’t even have an iPod and my daughter now owns one.

I told my friends about this birthday extravaganza and this question arose: “how do you live up to this?”. We think that the answer is you just don’t. My girls will never be able to have a birthday party like this, but that is fine.


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    I don’t think they really care Kaho, they’re just happy to have fun, kids are smarter than we think, sometimes it’s more us adults who ask ourselves these kind of questions …anyway the party looked like lots of fun!

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    my gut reaction is to find this display of wealth kind of shameful but this party looks amazing! i hope these people are taking some of the decor home like that insane giant teapot. sounds like you had as much fun as the kids did, kaho. 😉 when in indonesia, do as the indonesians do, right?

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    I’ve heard or parties like these from my friends with kids. I guess the iPod is a favorite kiddie party favor of the rich here because I know a couple of kids who have received one. It’s crazy how rich the rich Indonesians are here. And how poor the poor are. The disparity is so shocking to me! The rich here seem to live in a different world where little year old girls where LV bags and iPods are just giveaways.

    On a positive note, I am happy that you and your girls got to experience such an treat! And I am sure that the party organizer reuses those wonderful decor so it is definitely not a waste! My friend was telling me that the crazy flower arrangements in condo and hotel lobbies here are just rented? So they can change often and I guess the arrangements go around. Good to hear.

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    MAD EXCESSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful party though. It’s definitely outta this world. Damn, I think I must’ve moved to the wrong part of Asia and should’ve just gone back to Indonesia instead to set up shop as party planner/event stylist/decor florist in Jakarta! (As my parents have urged many times.) But I think I’m still pretty content in SG so far. :p


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    Awesome party!! If it’s in a top 5 star hotel, then it’s probably more expensive then my wedding!! (eeech! shocking, but maybe true…) I just hope that the party began with praying and thanking to God (as this is what truly Indonesians will do)!!

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    Wow thanks for sharing…never been to a party like this before. Felt like I got to go virtually. And the ipod nano for a door gift had me floored!

    Didn’t know the photo taking machine was called print club in Japan…love learning little things like this.

    The green and pink balloon arch looks doable :)

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    To respond to diplomaticwife comment above, she’s just spot on. The gap between the rich and the poor in Indonesia is quite dramatic. It’s really sad.
    And if people think that this kind of luxury represents how Indonesians live, it’s true only for the 1% of the population – probably even less.

    On a different note, yay to purikura, sushi buffet, and oh, oh, all those colors!! LOVE the pics you took. Tell me, is this in Hotel Mulia?

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    DiplomaticWife and Starlet, yes, I have discussions with my friends about that sometimes. It is mind boggling to see such a disparity in wealth especially in Jakarta.

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    First of all, i love (oh wait, LOVEEEEE) your blog!!
    And as Indonesian people *inSarcasticTones, i feel sorry for them who spoiled the children like this. In Indonesia, not just a b’day party, even a wedding can be sooo festive and a bit competition. Like “aah, A plan a wedding in Four Season, then we should make it on Kempinski” kind a thing. Sadly but that was Indonesia :(

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      Thank you so much for the enthusiastic comment! I am so happy to hear that you like my blog! Terima kasih! I think in any culture probably rich people celebrate extravagantly. As an expat, I was able to get a glimpse of the wealthy birthday party in Indonesia and I feel very fortunate to be able to see it in person. I actually enjoyed it. I made sure my daughters understood that they should not expect their parents to give the same type of birthday party for them.


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