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Do you want to know what my husband said when he first saw me in this outfit? “Hello, Madonna.” I didn’t get it first. Then the light bulb turned on. Bing! No, he didn’t mean that I look like her as a compliment. I’m Japanese. No way. He saw my shirt, which reminded him of Madonna’s fashion from the 80’s. I kind of dig it.

My 2-year-old saw me in this shirt and then her eyes got big and pointed at my left shoulder as if she wanted to tell me that there was a monster hanging from my left ear or something. She said “mama, shirt!” and pulled the sleeve that’s supposed to hang down from my shoulder. Of course, the sleeve fell again because of its design. A few minutes later, her eyes caught it again and came over with a confused look on her face. She pulled the sleeve back again on my shoulder and quietly said “this shirt is broken.” Awww. I couldn’t say anything.

I wore this earring with the outfit. I love the pair so much that I wear them all the time. My stylish Japanese friend, Yumi, who is a color consultant gave these to me as a birthday gift, so I can’t take credit for them! I wrote about her and color analysis sessions she gave in three posts; color analysis and Yumi’s session, color analysis and clothes and color analysis and cosmetics.

This is the very first yellow dress I bought for myself. It’s in a light lemon color (reminds me of lemonade). Yumi analyzed that I’m a summer-color person, and this yellow is a summer color (I think), so I decided to give it a try. Plus, it was on a sales rack! When you live in a tropical island, bright colors look attractive and I thought that it would be a shame not to try new colors in this environment. I’m still not sure about this dress, but it’s growing on me.

This is a gift from my another stylish Japanese friend, Nami. It goes with so many of my clothes that I wear these all the time, too. I wrote about her and crafting a wreath when she taught me how to make it. She has a certificate to teach flower arrangement.

Here’s my two-year-old photographer. My 5-year-old does a much better job, but she started kinder this fall and she’s not available in the morning. I kind of miss spending time with her although love that she’s having a great time. The best part of having a 2-year-old take pictures of me is that most pictures have my head chopped off! I would crop it anyways, so it reduces my job.

My husband looked over my shoulder and saw me edit some photos of myself I (my daughter) took this morning. Two nights ago I showed him the pictures I posted on my blog with the clothes I purchased (because he doesn’t care enough to check my blog…), so his reaction to today’s photos was “why are you taking more pictures of yourself?” Right. Why? I’m not taking my photos, precisely speaking. I documented what I wore. I love fashion and it makes me happy to dress up. Blogging about it is a good incentive for me to pay more attention to the details of what I wear. It’s not that I think I am good at it. To tell you the truth, I do not feel much confidence in my style, but I want to get better at styling and getting feedback from my friends and readers give me more confidence and joy.

My blog won’t be all focused on fashion though. I started this blog thinking I will document our nomadic life and would like to keep memories of our girls growing up. I also love photography and I use my blog as a reason to practice taking photos. I’m still figuring out what I want to achieve from my blog. For the time being I know that blogging makes me happy.


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    Hi Kaho,
    Your photographs (or your daughter’s) are beautiful and poetic. Just keep sharing what inspires you as it is obvious you have a very good eye for design and art. Wonderful!!!

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    ha, hubby’s just don’t get it (blogging)..I say a blog is about YOU. so what ever inspires you, makes you smile, this is the place for it. and I love that blouse so cute your daughter was trying to ‘fix’ it.

    have a wonderful weekend!

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      Aviva!!! Oh my gosh, it was totally FLASHDANCE!! I didn’t wear my white tank top first under the shirt, so the shirt looked even more like that! But then I live in a Muslim country and thought I should be careful not to offend anyone, so I put on the tank top. :)

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    I love your style and look forward to more of your fashion posts so I can get some tips myself!! I love both of these outfits you’ve put together. So long as you are blogging about things you love and enjoying writing and sharing, that’s all that matters. Your blog is great and your passion for what you share definitely comes across :)

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    It’s super adorable when your lil one said the shirt is broken. Just hilarious. I love your choices of design and colour. You really have a great eye for colour, which is why I love coming to your blog for inspiration :) Were you a model by any chance because you definitely could be one.

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      I thought that it was a cute way of expressing what she thought. Thank you for your compliments. No. I’m too ordinary looking, too big to be a model. But I appreciate your words!!

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