How We Dwell

Yes. I’m posting photos of our place again. I hope you’re not sick of seeing our apartment pictures… I want to document our place before we’ll move out of this current place in less than two months. Please bear with me…

Here are some photos of our master bedroom. I wanted to put up something above our bed, but the budget I had was low. I wanted to put two picture frames on there, but it was going to be more than I wanted to pay. So, what you see on this photo was the budget solution for me. At my favorite store, IKEA, you can find TYGLÖSA frame and fabric. I put them together following instructions and voila! I felt very crafty although it only required a little labor to do it.

I have this basket in our bedroom to store items I want to get rid of. Currently some of my clothes and a few pairs of shoes I am giving away are in the basket. I love those gold sandals, but I’m parting from them because the colors that look the best for me are summer colors according to the color analysis. People with summer colors should wear silver, not gold. I’ve always thought that my skin never looked good with gold, so it all made sense. So, bye-bye my favorite sandals…

I used to have a basket on top of the bookshelf and we had piles of documents and magazines filed, which was showing. It didn’t look good, so I bought those magazine files at IKEA. This allowed me to use the space on top of the bookshelf and organize the mess without creating space in our tiny apartment to store the clutter.

I have posted some photos of our living room before here. The photos actually do not show how our place usually looks. I had butterflies on the candle holder in the photos posted in March just because I hosted a baby shower for my dear friend in that month and used those butterflies as decoration for the baby girl. I also had hina dolls out on the bookshelf on the right photo above instead of the candle holder. The photo was taken around the time for Japanese girls’ day. Now we have simple candle holder.

We’ll send most of the big pieces of furniture we own to a storage here in the U.S. when we move overseas this summer. It’s weird to imagine that we might not see them again for years.


  1. Aya @Oki says

    Hi Kaho-san!
    I am your blog follower and I skipped a week while we were in Tokyo and now catching up reading!
    I totally can relate how you feel about moving around the world within 2-3 years.
    It is not so hard to pack up and hand out the set of “house” key to the landlord or housing office, but saying good bye to the closets people who you met and established the special bond while you were there is the hardest.
    I had many “hello” and “good bye” in past 9 years since I joined my husband on his journey.
    But because of it, I could meet many unique and special people.

    I wonder who you will meet in Jakarta…
    You are a special magnet and attract an unique and fantastic people around you, so no worry.

    I wonder where I will sail out next….?

    • says

      Hi!! Thanks for leaving me a message! By the way you have some awesome pictures from your trip in Tokyo. I agree with you that the positive side of this fluid life is that we meet many unique and inspiring people. I can’t wait to find out where you’ll be going next!

  2. Aya @Oki says

    BTW, I will hire you as my interior decorator if our path cross again!!
    Love your taste and I do love IKEA, Target, Crate& Barrel and Pottery Barn, too.
    I also refuse to paint the wall if I have to repaint back to white in few years!

  3. says

    I love how you decorate your place! I’m looking forward to seeing your new place soon too – although I’m not looking forward to saying bye to you..

  4. ayako_hi says


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  5. Sophie's mom says

    Your gold sandal is meant to be mine. 😉
    I have a bag of clothes that I need to get rid of too. Hahaha, we are so into our matching color.
    I love your IKEA pictures on the master bedroom. I wanted to put something there in our bedroom too, but just thinking of earthquake and stuff falling down….. I cannot put anything up there. :(

    • says

      The thing about the frames on our wall above the bed is that they are really light. Basically they are wooden frames with fabric attached. Even if it (or they) falls on our head, it won’t hurt us much. Or at least I believe so.

  6. Fenny says

    Interesting read, Kaho! I always thought that summer color is warm so that means the person would look best in gold not silver.
    Is seasonal color analysis the same as color tone? The one that has warm, cool & neutral.
    I find myself leaning towards gold at the moment, where a few years ago I think I would look in silver.

    • says

      I want to say that the color analysis is different from color tone, but you might want to check… The summer color is actually cool. The summer in the sense of the color analysis that my friend described are the colors that come from the season slightly before the hot weather when it’s warming up to be summer. It’s more like during the rainy season in Japan for example and the colors are pastel colors. The warm colors in the color analysis are spring which has bright warm colors and autumn which has faded warm colors. For them, the gold looks better and really pretty.

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