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When you live or visit India, women probably get tempted to buy a sari(s). I didn’t know that there is an art of buying a sari until I went shopping for one myself with my foreign friend, Rachel, who bought a couple of saris before. Rachel, thank you so much for your help! Without you, I would have been lost!

In case you don’t have a friend who can guide you with the steps of buying a sari, I hope you can use this post as your guide or to get a general idea from it.

There are two important thing to remember if you shop at a local store that caters to locals in India.

1. Most likely the sari blouses are tailor-made which means that you will need to calculate in 2-4 days until it’s complete.

2. You need to get a petticoat to wear underneath from a petticoat shop.





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Saree Shopping in Santacruz

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1. Stitched Pleats

I recommend foreigners to have their saris be stitched beforehand. It’ll save your time to wear it later and also makes it much easier. The storekeeper might not ask you. If they don’t, ask them if they would stitch pleats for you. The cost is not much.



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2. Blouse

Blouses are usually tailor-made with the same fabric as the sari. It is usually made at the store. At Sakhi, an in-store tailor will come and measure you at the time of your purchase. When the blouse is done, you can pick it up from the store or if you request, or they will deliver the blouse to you as well. The cost for tailoring a blouse was about 2,000 Rs (about US$30+).

Additional Information
You will be asked if you would like your blouse to be padded. You don’t have to wear a bra if they are padded which is nice.

Tailors tend to make blouses really tight. You might want to tell your tailor to make it not too tight. I have a difficult time taking it off…







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Saree Accessories-12

The storekeeper might ask you if you would like accessories, which is additional cost. I like the look of them, so I am glad I have the strings made with accessories.


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Please see the map for its location as I could not find the specific address online.

3. Sari Petticoat

After you pick your sari and make a payment, try to ask if they can give a small corner of your sari fabric for you to take to the petticoat shop. (Since you need to leave your sari at the store for your blouse to be made, you will not have your sari with you when you buy a petticoat.) With a small scrap of your sari fabric, the petticoat shop keeper finds you a petticoat that matches with your sari. There are S, M, and L sizes. There is no place to try it on, so I just wore it above my jeans to see if the size works for me or not. I got mine near Sakhi, which is indicated in the map below. It was 200 Rs (about US$3)

Please see the map below for the store location.




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4. Jewelry

You might want to buy jewelry that will go with your sari. Indian jewelry looks much better with saris than western jewelry. It’s very inexpensive, so you might as well get some. I recommend the shop my friend, Rachel took me to buy my jewelry as they were quite friendly and not pushy at all. The shopkeeper helped me with the combination of my bangles. I bought my bindi at the same store. I also listed other bindi shops which sell cheap ones in the map below.



Santacruz Sari Shopping

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My picks

Saree Accessories-1

Saree Accessories-2

You can mix and match with different bangles.


Saree Accessories-3

Saree Accessories-5

Saree Accessories-6

Saree Accessories-7

4. Sandals

If you have already sandals that might go with the sari, you don’t need to buy a new pair. I wanted to get a new pair of sandals to go with my specific sari. For shoe shopping, though, I recommend Linking Road. However, if you would like to get a pair in Santacruz, I liked a shoe shop inside Mahavir Silver Point. Please check the map below for its location.



Saree Accessories-2-2

Mahavir Silver Point Sign


1. Friendship Sari
Friendship Sari Shop is a big three-story Indian costume store. It seems to be a popular place for sari shopping. I found a gray one that I liked at Friendship Store, but the price and design at Sakhi suit better for me.

2. Interior Home Store
The interior shop across the street from Sakhi seemed good for curtains, carpets, bedding, some home decor and furniture fabrics.

3. Mahavir Home Store
The Home Store in Mahavir Silver Point is a great place to shop for plates and cups as well as kitchen items with quite reasonable prices. They pretty much have anything you need in your kitchen.

*Locations are listed in the map below.





Santacruz Map

I hope this helps! Happy Shopping!

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  1. padmaja says

    Kaho , These jhumkas (earrings looks cool on a long skirt, and sleeveless top too. There are few types of blouse patterns and this one on your blog post is called princess cut blouse also Mention padded blouse sometimes the tailors dont keep the pad . As you know well about the fabrics these are heavy work sarees , you should do dry clean and it is very hot and humid in India . I would advice ladies who sweat a lot to wear arm pads while wearing the saree blouse. they sell it seperate in the saree shop .

  2. Peggy says

    Thanks for sharing Kaho.., nice color chosen ! Suits u very well.
    I always love India and bought 2 sarees in Fab India..,not stitched yet..soon i will and share with you !

    • says

      Peggy, thank you! If you know how to make pleats on your own, you probably won’t need to have your pleats stitched. I would love to see your photo of you wearing a saree! Fabindia is great, isn’t it?

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