How to Make Play Date More Fun

I took my daughter and her two friends to a play ground with my baby. It was a hot day. I was the only adult and thought “how am I going to entertain myself?” I wasn’t going to run around with the kids because I had to watch my baby son. I also knew that I would have to nurse him outside at the playground at some point.

So, my solution? I took my camera. If you are not a type of parent who likes to run around with the kids, my advice is to take a camera with you and take photos of the kids. It’s a great way to take photos of children because they are having fun and you can capture great smiles and action moments. Also, you’re under the natural light which allows you to experiment photo taking in different angles and background.

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun taking photos of the kids. I didn’t even call it a photo shoot. I entertained me while kids had a blast running around and played. After an hour of play, we called it the end and went home. We all were tired, hot and thirsty. It was just the right time.





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    Perfect idea to bring your camera to the playground. Not having kids myself I’d love to do that too but I’m sure it’s not a good idea to start shooting pics of someone else’s kids. They might think I have weird motifs. But love your pics!

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      Thank you!! Playground is a fun place to shoot. It’s always tricky to take my kids photos especially my oldest one. She doesn’t like to have her photos taken any more…

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    Great pictures!
    You make me want to have kids so bad whenever I see your children’s photos! They’re so adorable, I wouldn’t mind having 10 kids if they look like yours, seriously ^^;;

    What camera did you use for these pictures? And where is the playground? Doesn’t look like The Playground in Kemang to me 😮

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      Thank you! That’s so nice of you! They keep me occupied. I use Canon EOS Rebel T3 with 50 mm lens. The playground is at my friend’s. :) I know, I’m lucky!

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    Hey Kaho!
    Really nice pictures and also a good idea to take a proper camera along! I always have my iPhone with me and sometimes take some pics, but can’t never really be bothered to take the real camera, since as a mother, one has so much to carry along anyway! But reading your post, it does make sense, since I’m also familiar with the kids don’t likeing the pictures to be taken… nothing they can do while happily playing… 😉 And what is nicer than a child’s smile?!
    Glad I found your blog via BYW and are looking forward to read some more in the future!
    Greets, Janina

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