Friday Finds ☆ Hop n Bop ☆ Kids Indoor Play Area & Activity Center in Mumbai


If you are a mom to a toddler, you must be constantly looking for a place to entertain your active child. It’s great that there are more and more places for small kids popping open in Mumbai these days. What a difference they make for moms!

My almost two-year-old son had a play date with his friends at Hop n Bop, a soft kids play area in Khar, Mumbai over a month ago. I have heard about Hop n Bop since its opening, so I was excited to finally go and check it out! It is the cutest place with a great style and design.

Since I arrived more than 30 minutes late from the time I was supposed to meet up with my friends because I left home late (I feel like I’m always late!), but also I got lost on the way there as the rickshaw driver didn’t know the location. Thus, I could only catch up with my mommy friends for a little bit and they all left because their one-hour time ran out! My son had fun, though!










My Notes…

1. I think it would be more fun for moms to go to Hop n Bop with their friends.

2. If you go to Hop n Bop with friends, make sure you arrive and enter at the same time as your entry is timed.

3. The Hop n Bop play ground is for kids up to 8, but it might best serve for toddlers and preschoolers.

Side Note: If you are looking for a place to entertain slightly older kids such as kindergartener and 1st graders, you might want to check into Funky Monkey in Lower Parel as well.

4. Don’t forget your socks (for adults)!


Hop n Bop

444, The Corporate Lounge
2nd Floor, Linking Road
Khar (west) 400052
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400052
PHONE: 226197400 / 2266197401
HOURS: 11:00 am – 7:30 pm

Classes are also offered at Hop n Bop. Please check here for their classes.


If your driver does not know where it is, please look for The hab on Linking Road, which, by the way, is a craft store that looks beautiful. Hop n Bop is on the 2nd floor of the same building.


I could not find the price information, so please use this as a guideline as I wrote this with my memory. Please do contact Hop n Bop for the information. The price might be subject to change.
I think I paid 450 Rupees (about US$7.50) for the first hour and 200 Rupees (US$3.50) for the second hour.


Photo taking at Hop n Bop is not allowed. I almost always ask an owner or manager of establishments if I could take photos inside, but for some reason I completely forgot to do so this time. I assumed that it would be okay to take photos, so I carried on. My activity was reported to the owner and when I was making the payment at the front desk, I was asked to delete all the photos. I explained my reason for photo taking. I was very embarrassed as I agree that I really should have asked for a permission to take photos. In the end the owner of Hop n Bop kindly allowed me to keep some photos which I shared with you on this post. Thank you so much!!


Unlike my usual posts, all the photos on this post were taken with my iPod Touch camera, which I also use for my Instagram. As some of you might have guessed that my instagram posts are more likely latergram unless I’m home to take photos and post them right away.


  1. Miimii says

    WOW!! Great job Kaho! I love this so much! I don’t have kids yet but I could imagine how this will be so helpful for moms who look for entertainment for their kids.

  2. says

    Wow, my daughter would definitely love this place! I’m a little surprised that they don’t allow photography though. In most play areas in Japan, you’ll see moms and dads snapping away like crazy, don’t you think? But I guess it’s always safer to ask beforehand.

    • says

      Hi, Miwa!! I totally agree with you!! I suspect that the owner did not want people to copy the interior design of the cafe area. The lamp shades were pretty awesome, but I wasn’t allowed to keep the photos of them. She has a great taste in design as you could probably tell from the design in the entry hall way. If I were her, I want the whole Mumbai or even the whole country to know how cute this place is and allowing people to use their social media outlets to spread the word is so effective. Not everyone believes that the social media is effective or as powerful. I was thankful that she allowed me to keep the photos of the play area and the entry way. Thanks for the comment!


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