Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Hawaiian Decoration @ GOODS DEPT Plaza Indonesia

Update: The Goods Department moved to Pacific Place. It is located on the 1st Floor of Pacific Place.

It was last September in 2011 when I went to a promotional event for Wall’s Buavita ice bars at GOODS DEPT. My friend, Melany with wanderlustandwonder blog, kindly asked me if I wanted to join her to go to this event, so I did. It was when I just found out that I was pregnant and the morning sickness started to kick in, so even though I took photos of the pretty Hawaiian theme decoration at the GOODS DEPT, I never posted them. Until now. Basically it means that my last pregnancy kicked my butt.

So, here there are. If you are curious what The GOODS DEPT is, here is the link to The GOODS DEPT’s cool website. I have also posted about The GOODS DEPT on my Chuzai Living blog in the past. To access the post, click here.

遅ればせながら、去年2011年9月にグッズ・デパートメント(the GOODS DEPT)で行われたアイスキャンディーのブランドウォールズのブアビータ(Wall’s Buavita)のイベントに行った時の写真です。友人でありwanderlusterandwonderのブログを書いているブロガーであるメラニーが誘ってくれたので、行ってきました。丁度妊娠による悪阻が始まった時期で、写真を撮ったのですがブログに掲載する事ができず、今日やっと掲載しています。前回の妊娠も、大変でした。


I hope you enjoy the photos. See you at next post!
Ciao, ciao.



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    Goods department is closed down in plaza indonesia . Any idea where is this place now. In my last trip in july i went there with my dad in law and kids and yesterday we went to plaza indonesia and this store is not there and they have some renovation going on it is going to be some gym there soon.

    • says

      Oh no! I have to update my info. I know there is Goods Department in Pacific Place, but I didn’t realize that they closed the one in Plaza Indonesia!! I will have to go check it out the new store. Thanks for letting me know!

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