Monday Mode ☆ Gymboree and Old Navy Outfits On My Girls

green shirt: Gymboree, hat: Gymboree, shorts, Gymboree, silver sandals: Target, white dress: Old Navy, sandals: Old Navy

I got their outfits on sale this past summer in the States during our home leave. I like the matching shorts and hat. She actually has the same animal print tank top as well, but it is still a bit too big on her. I purchased her sandals at Target and I just love them. They were about $13 if I remember correctly. My Younger one is wearing a cream color dress with gray and gold flowers. The sandals were about $15 at Old Navy. I’m a sucker for shoes or sandals with flowers. I took these photos in Bali. I still have a few more posts to go from Japan and I’ll be finally back in Indonesia on my blog!!! It’s been a long time!



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