Gristmill & Gruene, Texas

Gruene, Texas is one of my favorite places to visit in Texas. It is beautiful and charming. The town has unique characters. I love that you don’t see strip malls and billboards here. There are small shops and pretty country style houses. Gruene reminds me of the time when my husband and I lived in Austin for two and a half years before kids. Good times and happy memories.

We drove to Gruene from San Antonio where we stayed with my husband’s family this summer to go to Gristmill to meet our friends who drove from Austin. Gruene is about a mid point between San Antonio and Austin. Gristmill is the place we always go when we are in Gruene. It’s a cool restaurant with good food and great atmosphere. I wish I took more photos to show, but these are what I’ve got. It’s called ‘traveling with a baby’. Not much time for me to take pictures these days.




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