Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand

I feel that my vocabulary is not good enough to describe Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand and my photos do not do justice to this gorgeous architectures.

I was ecstatic to visit Grand Palace with my husband and our girls because I have always wanted to visit Grand Palace since I was in high school. I waited for all these years!! I absolutely loved it.

My youngest wanted to take a photo of me, so here is one of those she took.

Then, my first daughter wanted to take a photo of her little sister, so here it is.

My younger daughter is refusing to get closer and my older one is forcing.

The entrance fee was 350 Bahts (about US$12). We did not pay for our 6-year-old and 3-year-old.

We took a Sky Train and went to Saphan Taksin Station. We got on a Water Taxi from there. I will write a separate post about Water Taxi later. Water taxi stops right by all the major sites along the Chao Phraya River for example Grand Palace, Wat Arun, and Wat Pho. It was fun and we loved it!

I hardly take pictures with my kids unless my husband offers, but I asked him to take this photo because I wanted to tell you about the strict dress code at the Grand Palace to pay respect to the most sacred site in Thailand.

For men, long pants and shirt with sleeves are required and no flip flops. For wearing open toe shoes, it says here to wear socks, so my husband wore his sneakers, but we did see some men wearing sandals without socks. For women, it is required to wear at least knee-length skirt, pants or longer, and shirts that covers shoulders (no camisoles or tank tops) and no see through material. Sandals are fine for women. The dress code seems to not apply to young children.

There is a changing room right by the front gate. You leave 200 Bahts as a deposit to check out their rental clothes and you get the money back when you return the piece you borrowed. It’s nice that they allow visitors to check out clothes for free. The pain part is having to wait in a loooong line to check out and you have to wear something that someone else just wore.

I had to check out a sarong because I wore a tunic dress like this with leggings. There were two people sitting at the front gate and the guy was yelling “No tight pants. No sexy pants!” You’re kidding! Leggings are considered sexy??? Apparently so. Now I know. Women with skinny jeans were fine. I saw a few young ladies who somehow got away and wore dresses shorter than knee length inside the Grand Palace. If you want to wear a skirt or a dress, it is safer to wear a skirt at least knee length.

If you go visit Grand Palace, bringing a sarong or scarf is an idea and just put on a sarong around your waist or a scarf to cover your shoulders as you enter. It is so hot in Thailand most of a year that you would be tempted to wear something light and not cover legs and shoulders. If so, just put in your purse or bag something to put on at the Grand Palace.

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

All the photos were taken with Canon PowerShot IS 3S.


  1. says

    Look at all that gold and the details.
    The architecture is amazing (you are right, no words to describe it) that’s why I love!

    Your daughters are so cute. hehe your older daughter trying to get her little sister closer to the guard. hehe…..and I don’t think that skirt looks bad on you, in fact I was just reading a post over at express-o by Diana and she mentioned that longer skirts are making a comeback.

    ps. I like the font on your header.

  2. says

    The pictures are amazing! One of the most beautiful temples I’ve ever seen… and you look so beautiful with the long wrapped sarong… If you didn’t tell, I would’ve probably guess it was a part of the stylish look! FYI, Bali temples apply the same rules as well (fortunately only for the bottom part)

  3. says

    Oh i just have to say I love your outfit! The maxi dress, the white top, the necklace…very effortlessly resort chic!

    Your daughter took awesome photo!

    • says

      RIght? I thought so, too!!! That’s why I wore them thinking, it’ll pass. I could not believe it when the guy at the front gate looked at my leggings under my tunic (my butt wasn’t even showing) and said no sexy pants. I was like “you’ve got to be kidding me…” My outfit was anywhere near the range of sexiness in the Western world, but I don’t hear that word much these days, so no objection…

  4. Elizabeth says

    Thank you for the fabulous photos! And, most of all the details about dress requirements. I leave for my first trip to Thailand in a few weeks – planning on taking typical Texas summer clothes – and grew concerned when I started hearing about the strict dress code at the Grand Palace! Now, I feel confident that my maxi dress – with tee over top- will be fine! I was concerned about shoes as I’d heard no open shoes were allowed. I’m taking sport sandal type shoes – foot support and straps over toes and across heel – and hopefully, as you say, they will be fine. Thanks again! Can’t wait to see this gorgeous country!

    • says

      Thank you for leaving me a comment! I think you will be well prepared to go to the Grand Palace! You’ll love seeing everything in Bangkok. I felt like I stepped into a history book. I’m excited for you that you’ll have the trip! Enjoy your time in Bangkok!!!

  5. says

    Hi there,

    Terrific photos! Wow! I’m visiting in the fall and was wondering about dress code. Is it acceptable to wear a long dress that bares the shoulders? I was planning on bringing a scarf to cover my shoulders during the visit – but wasn’t sure if that was ok or not. Thanks!

    • says

      Thank you for the compliment! I think a long dress with a scarf should be fine. I saw some people who used a scarf to cover their shoulders and they were able to enter fine.

        • says

          Thanks, Sarina! Have a great trip! You’ll love it!! Be careful, too. We haven’t heard anything big in the news, but the political situation there is apparently not so stable. It’s safer to be aware and careful than be sorry. I saw your blog. You’re quite a foodie!

  6. says

    こんばんは ^^ Kahoriさん, your blog is one of the most informative one on dress codes to the grand palace that I’ve seen. It has been super helpful in helping me decide on what to pack for my upcoming trip to Bangkok. I appreciate the pictures that come together with the information too! It makes everything much clearer :) どうもありがとうございました。


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