Got Chocolate?

It was too cute to not take photos of her face. I bought this chocolate spread that I avoided buying for a while every time I go grocery shopping. Why? I can’t help eating bread and chocolate whenever I think of them. Two vices of my life. I have more vices, but anyways… I lost and now it’s sitting in our fridge. Forget it, don’t think about it… We’ll see how long this jar of chocolate spread will last in our household. Probably not for a long time… What is your vice?


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    Haha, same here… now and then I buy the smallest jar of Nutella so that at least I don’t indulge too much… and if I fancy a really good one, I buy an organic brand that is delicious, but rather expensive!

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    cookies, and chocolate, but if I have cookies in the house I end up eating ALL of them at once..

    I love her chocolate face..

    P.s. about that blog, I stumbled on her shop/blog and she accepts photos. You should submit some of your daughters. and the other blog is coolkids.

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