Game Watching Party & My Birthday

My birthday was last Sunday. On the same day this year, 2010, the United States opened against England in World Cup. My husband, who is a big time soccer fan and a die-hard Team USA fan, had been very excited about the World Cup. He had walked into our kitchen to ask me a question about 2, 3 weeks before the World Cup started. He asked what I would think about him organizing a World Cup game watching party at a sports bar to watch the US game against England with his friends. I thought to myself, alright, that’s fine, but wait a minute, I wonder if he remembered my birthday being on the same day. I popped the question to him and he froze. He did not forget my birthday, he said. I believe him, of course. He remembered my birthday, except for that moment. When our brains get busy with a lot of information and ideas, something has to be temporarily kicked out, right?

He was going to drop the idea of having a game watching party out of guilt, but I didn’t think it was necessary, plus I saw an opportunity to add my birthday celebration to it. I suggested that instead of crossing the idea, we bring a birthday cake to the restaurant and celebrate my birthday there. I would love it. My husband had never planned a birthday party for me in the past, probably because of our anniversary being a day before my birthday. My birthday has always been overshadowed by our anniversary or other events in June (how come June is such a busy month for everyone…?) and we have always celebrated my birthday just by ourselves, very quietly, almost nonchalantly. It’s okay, but after a while, I started to long for a fun celebration with friends. I like my birthday. Sure, my birthday reminds me of my aging, but I turn a year older whether I celebrate my birthday or not, so I might as well celebrate it. I’d rather make it an interesting day!

We did reserve a room at a restaurant on June 12 for a soccer match viewing party and my sweet husband prepared fabulous cakes for me. Needless to say, I had the best time on my birthday at the game watching party slash my birthday celebration. I have never in my life received so many birthday wishes from my friends and I absolutely loved it. My husband made sure everyone learned that I had turned 35 by announcing it and having candles. Haha… How do you like that? I would choose to have my age a little more discreet, but that’s okay. I always thought that June is not a good month for birthdays, but now having World Cup every 4 years in June, I realize that it actually can be a great month to have a birthday. Every 4 years.

I had a conversation with my friend about birthday parties and she taught me an interesting analysis. What people do for others is what they liked to be done to themselves. I have always thought my husband liked having a party for his birthday (and I believe he does), so I have given him birthday parties a handful of times in the past. I have realized that not only do I find giving him a birthday party a joy, but I probably do it since I like the way of birthday celebration. Isn’t it interesting? How do you like to celebrate your birthday? What was your favorite birthday celebration?


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    It was a great party!! We had a great time.
    It’s so funny how your hubby just disclosed your age to the whole crowd without your permission! He even prepared the 3 and 5 candles!!!
    Our second one made 3 girls cry including your two that day. He just wanted to play with the girls but didn’t know how to approach them. Such a typical guy. In the meantime, our oldest one was sitting quietly at the bar and wouldn’t go play with the girls even when they came to him. He know how to play cool…

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  3. ayumi says

    Happy belated birthday!!!

    You seem to have had a blast on your birthday!!
    Lucky you!

    What a coincidence, our wedding anniversay (8/8) is a day before my birthday (8/9) too.

    Last year was our first anniversary and my first b’day as a wedded couple, but as you probably experience it every year, it got mixed up and didn’t go as I’ve expected.

    I thought it was a terrible idea to have two important days next to each other, but your birthday blog made me believe that I might be able to work something out this year!
    Only if I can recover from childbirth that quick….lol

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      Hi, Ayu!! Thanks for leaving me a comment! You we have the same situation!! I’m glad I have a buddy who goes through the same situation! Oh my, your baby will be born kind of near your birthday and anniversary. Your summer will be very busy!!! Good luck!

  4. Becca says

    Happy belated birthday, Kaho!! Sorry that I’m just now catching up on your blog and realizing it was almost 2 weeks ago. :)

    I hope you guys have a smooth transition to your next home! We’ll be thinking of you and can’t wait to hear about your new adventures.

    xo, becca

  5. Macarena Aristegui says

    I have to say that turning 30 in Cairo was pretty special. Jon booked a room at a fancy downtown hotel, and we relaxed. Funny how luxurious a room can feel when someone else is keeping it gorgeous. The hotel was hard to beat, and they sent cakes to celebrate the occasion. I’d just come back from a challenging trip abroad, so the special weekend felt really nurturing.

    I also vividly remember turning 33. It was my first birthday as a mom. I found out that my parents were visiting my brother in Brussels, so we booked a room there at the last minute and took off for the weekend from Paris. I had mentioned on the on-line reservation that we were celebrating my birthday, so the hotel (one of the oldest in Brussels) upgraded our room to a suite upon our arrival. It was great spending lots of time with my family, enjoying the Grand Sablon neighborhood of Brussels (one of our favorite places), and being celebrated by staff members at a hotel. When we returned to Paris, Jon surprised me with an amazing bottle of perfume, which I still treasure so it lasts as long as possible.

    Last, but not least, I really enjoyed the last couple of years, because you, Kara and Kirsten pampered me on my birthday. So fun to spend some quality girly time with you all. Miss it so!

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      Awwww. Wow, I got teary eyed just by reading your special birthdays! Your 30th and 33nd birthday celebration sounded so special! Thank you also for making my birthday in the past special. I treasure memories our girls and I made with you and E forever!

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