Fun Sunday

Raaga ☆ Indian Restaurant

Our good friends asked us to go to an Indian Buffet lunch on Sunday. We love Indian and our girls love their daughters, so we happily joined them for lunch!

We started off our day with my weekly grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. I used to go grocery shopping with my kids by myself during the week so that we could use weekends for family fun. In the past several months, we’ve adopted a routine to go grocery shopping as a family in the morning. It’s more fun and easier for me. After we finished shopping, we took home our groceries and then headed out to Raagar.

Do you like Indian food? Raagat serves buffet lunch and it was perfect for someone indecisive like me. You don’t have to pick one dish and you can eat as many different kinds of dishes as you wish! Indian buffet is dangerous for me since I can shamelessly keep going back to the serving table. It’s hard to go there with kids though since it’s spicy and most kids who are not used to the spicy food would not eat much. The good thing about Indian food is that you can get delicious nan bread and rice. That was pretty much all my second child ate. My older one tried a bit more. My favorite was this tomato base sauce with cottage cheese. I forgot to get the name of it, sorry! I think I can have it everyday.

This dessert is called Gulab Jamun. I was warned that it is super sweet, like your teeth would fall off. Yes, it was sweet. It was delicious though! I asked the employee who looked like a restaurant manager what this dessert was made of. We had a bit of a communication problem or more like I had a problem understanding.

Kaho: What is this (Gulab Jamun balls) made of?
Manager: It’s made of dried milk.
K: ??? No flour?
M: No flour. This is milk and condensed milk combined. You heat the milk to make it.
K: …… (thinking)
Do you deep fry the balls?
M: Yes.
K: How do you make these perfect balls from milk and deep fry it?
M: That’s called skills.
K: …. (thinking again)
M: The syrup is honey and sugar. (He spoke fast with a bit of an accent.)
K: (I, for some reason, misunderstood what he said) What? Onion and sugar?
M: Honey and sugar.
K: Oh, honey and sugar. Sorry… It’s delicious! (Smile and walk away)

The sweet mango lassi washed off the heat of the Indian spice. Yum.

I have told you that my kids turn into monsters sometimes, right? I didn’t provoke her to make these faces. Aaaaaaarrrggggg!

They have a fun website! To check their web site, click here.

5872 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA 22041

School Fare

This was a rough house. All the older kids, mostly boys, were jumping off from the high places to lower dinosaur toys. My girls, however, were not intimidated and kept going back to go down the slides many times while they dodged the boys. I was so proud!

Here goes my second child. She’s a character.

So our challenger daughter agreed to climb this wall after her parents had talked her into trying. Can you see her enthusiasm on her face? Just kidding. She was scared, but she did say she wanted to try it. She had a coach next to her telling her what to do next. She worked hard. At the very end she went “This is the best I could do.” Well done, daughter.

I was actually surprised that our second child said she would try this slide by herself. Parents were not allowed and I was worried that she would cry at the top. Our first one could never do that. She always needed me to go with her and even with me, she was scared. You can’t see well in the last photo, but my second daughter’s eyes opened big and round as she was going down the slide! So funny…

We were supposed to have rain showers all weekend according to the weather forecast. Not much rain this past weekend. I don’t mind that type of wrong forecast. We had a great family Sunday.


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    You make it look so good that I want to go to this Indian restaurant this weekend!! So they have the buffet only on Sundays, not Saturdays? I couldn’t find it on their website. And how much was it per person?

    • says

      Thanks for asking that question. It was $12 per adult and $7 per child. We didn’t have to pay for our 2-year-old. I noticed that they didn’t have that information posted on their page. I assume that they have lunch buffet everyday, but you might want to give them a call and ask.

  2. says

    Oh, what a lovely Sunday! I love Indian food, but like you, I do like the buffet since I am not that familiar with the dishes. It gives me a chance to try out a little bit of everything before I decide what I really want.

    We had a downpour on Saturday, but Sunday turned out to be sunny and mild. We spent it taking walks around the neighborhood and working in the yard.


    • says

      Thanks! Exactly. I love the fact that I can try a little bit of everything and then decide or not decide. :) Working in the yard sounds lovely. We don’t have a yard as we live in an apartment and that’s a bummer thing about an apartment life!

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    Hi- I came over after reading your story on expatwomen.

    I am also raising a bilingual child- although he is just 4 months old now so of course is not talking yet. He is half Japanese, half Australian and we live in Chiba, Japan.

    I love Indian food and I enjoyed seeing your pictures. Your daughters are very cute! Even their monster faces :-)

    Lulu @

    • says

      Sakualulu, thanks for visiting and also reading my article on expatwomen! I look forward to reading about how your son will do with two languages in a few years!!

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