Fun Fishing!

We went back to Linvilla Orchards again on Sunday and this time for fishing. Our oldest daughter has gone fishing at the coast of Texas with her dad last summer. She liked it and was again very interested in fishing. The sun was out and the temperature went up high. It was a gorgeous day, just perfect for the Memorial Day weekend.

Our daughter caught one fish with the help of her daddy. As you can see, she was a bit scared of the tiny fish she caught. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

This place was great for fishing with little kids. I felt safe going there with little ones because the water was shallow and there was no waves.

Our friend cooked up on the grill the two fish which the two of our kids, including my own, caught at the lake and other fish they purchased. The dinner was delicious. I forgot to take the photos again. We put guacamole and salsa on the fish and it added nice flavor. I, however, realized later on that the garnish was overpowering and I wasn’t tasting the fish so much. It was a lovely dinner on the deck of our friends’ house with wonderful company, impeccable weather, and delicious meal.

It makes me feel warm inside to reminisce the time we spent at our friends over the Memorial Day weekend. In the midst of the preparation for the big move, having moments to relax and smile was important. Otherwise, I would’ve pulled all my hair out and been biting my nails. This past weekend went by in a blink of an eye. When you’re having fun, the time passes fast. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m aging fast, too. Time, slow down please.


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    Wow, she actually caught one and ate it! That’s awesome!!! It reminds me of the time when I went fishing with my dad as a little girl. Good memories!

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    I’m so glad you guys took time off to relax and have fun – even (or perhaps in light of especially?) the impending move overseas. I love the photographs you take and the memories you are capturing here… I think it’s wonderful that you are creating the journal of sorts – for yourself, and some day, for your girls too. What a wonderful gift you are giving them, dear.


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      Thank you for visiting and your kind words! It’s very encouraging. I hope my girls will appreciate what I’m leaving for them when they grow up and read. :)

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