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I went to a shopping mall in the south of Jakarta about 30 minutes drive from us called Pondok Indah Mall. I went there to look for a lamp, but I came home empty-handed. Darn. I enjoyed looking at different restaurants in the malls (there are two buildings) and having to be able to take photos of restaurants made my trekking out there meaningful. I’ve written before on this blog that I find designs I see in Jakarta very modern, stylish and inspiring and I love them. Even at a regular mall has restaurants that looked like designer’s restaurants and I love seeing styles each restaurant chose, decorations on the walls and types of furniture and the colors they use on their walls to go with the furniture pieces. It’s just to fun.

My younger daughter and I had lunch at one of the restaurants at the mall and I was impressed that the restaurant even had a high chair specially designed to go with other chairs at the restaurant. I’ve never seen that before! I wanted to stay longer at the mall, but the traffic gets really bad later in the afternoon, plus I had to be home to welcome my older daughter from school. I love seeing my girl get off the school bus and giving her a big hug although she’s been a bit grumpy when she got off the bus partly because she’s exhausted from the new school schedule, which she’s not used to yet.

There are fancy shopping malls like Pondok Indah Mall and then shopping malls for local people. I find the local ones very interesting. I haven’t been able to take pictures of many local places, but I’ll get to them later. I often forget to take my camera out to shopping, so I haven’t been able to take photos at local places. I have been able to take pictures at some places without problems and I have been stopped by security or employees whether I had permission to take pictures or kindly asked to not to take pictures in the store, so I get a bit nervous getting my camera out sometimes. We’ll see how I will do…


  1. Yono says

    My wife and I also like to shop at Pondok Indah Mall ( people call it PI Mall) because it’s not so big it’s quite complete, and it is the nearest mall from our house. Lately in Jakarta they build a lot of Malls but they are so huge, so in my opinion they are not practical. My favourite restaurant in PI mall is Duck King they specialize in chinese foods.

    • says

      We want to buy a car, but in order for us to buy a brand new car as a foreigner we have to have a foreign registration card and it takes a long time to get it… We’re expecting another month or even longer till we get it. Another option is to buy a second hand car from the expat community, but there are not many used cars available right now. Taxis are quite convenient except on rainy days and during rush hours. I’m dreaming of the day when we can go out freely!

  2. Andrea says

    awe….i miss you :( im so jealous of our new adventure…….kiss those girls for me!!

    with love
    Andrea & and family

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