Wednesday Wall2Wall Interior ☆ Friend’s Home

I have always loved visiting houses since I was little. My friend’s house, my parents’ friend’s house, model homes, any house that I can see. I love seeing layouts and now I also enjoy seeing how people decorate as well. It’s fascinating to me to see what people chose to decorate their house with. I learn from seeing different styles people from different cultures chose to decorate their house with. I love how this friend of mine used fabric in the house to decorate. The balance of white wall and wall decoration is impeccable. In terms of the architecture design, I love how rooms with big windows are surrounding the court-yard. It is beautiful to have a court-yard in the center of the house surrounded by glasses which allows much natural light to enter the house like this house. This is my dream house.



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    Great post, your lucky to have a friend with such good taste! It’s funny b/c I relate to your story of loving to visit other homes, I’ve been the same way from the time I was little. Exploring the way others design and decorate their homes is a joy for me, too. Rummaging through my grandmother’s pink bathroom, comparing little girl bedrooms…. and drving with my mom through historic neighborhoods and wishing to see what’s inside~
    Thanks for finding my blog :)

  2. says

    You’re friend’s home is gorgeous!! And decorating with fabric is so unique and interesting. I love courtyards too!! So much natural light and open space in the privacy of your own home! If I had one I would totally love to read and soak up some vitamin E! =) (with SPF of course hehe)

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    this is the most amazing place. thanks for sharing these inspiring photos-
    i could move right in there if i had the permission to do so 😉

  4. K.Clayton says

    Hello,I am Matts Mum and Ilonas friend,i agree the home is beautiful,we were lucky enough to have spent a couple of weeks with them last year.
    I would also like to add that you are a great photographer,I am glad Lonie sent the site on to me as I can now look into their beautiful home any time I like!!

    • says

      Thank yo so much for leaving me a comment! I was there again today and loved it! It is such a lovely house and Ilona decorated so beautifully. It has such a warm atmosphere. She’s got a good taste and knows some cool places to shop. She was wearing a gorgeous necklace today and I was eyeing on them, too. :)


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