Friday Finds ☆ Shabu Shabu House in Senayan City

Do you like Shabu Shabu? Shabu shabu is a Japanese hot pot. I had not gone to shabu shabu in a long time. During the last week though, I had a chance to eat it twice! It’s fun to cook your meat and vegetables right in front of you, dip the steaming hot food in a sauce and eat. Mmmmmm. If you haven’t tried shabu shabu, you should try it. Healthy, but still delicious. There were 3 different kinds of sauce at Shabu Shabu House; yuzu (citrus) soy sauce, goma (sesame), and hot sauce. My favorite is yuzu soy sauce aka ponzu.

We went to Shabu Shabu House with our good friends.

Would I go back there? Yes.
Do I recommend this restaurant? Yes.
Do I think this place has authentic Japanese dishes? As far as a Japanese expat who has not lived in Japan for a while is concerned, I think so.

If you are not familiar with shabu shabu, I have to warn you that this meal will not be cheap, but it’s not as expensive as let’s say going out for good sushi. Oh, this comparison doesn’t help? I think Shabu Shabu House at Senayan City offers a very reasonable price and it might be hard to find a better quality for the same value.

What do you think of the interior design of this restaurant? Pretty cool? When I go out to eat, not only do I enjoy the food, but also the ambiance and interior design. It’s been so fun to go out here in Jakarta. I’m constantly impressed by the ascetic sense of the Indonesians. Designs at restaurants in Jakarta are as delicious to the eyes as the food.

Senayan City, Ground Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No.19
Jakarta Pusat 10270, Indonesia
Tel. (021) 7378 1609

It’s close to Food Hall. You walk outside of the door located to the right as you face Food Hall. There is a really nice restaurant area.


  1. says

    1. what a cool name Shabu Shabu, its fun saying it aloud. hehe

    2. nice design on the ceiling.

    3. how cute that your older daughter has matching boots and skirts as her friend.

    by reading your review I will be inclined to try out this restaurant.

    have a good weekend Kaho!

  2. says

    Hi Kaho,

    I’ve never tried Shabu Shabu myself but it sounds yummy and this restaurant looks great. I like the booth seats and the way you can see what is being cooked in front of you.

    Sorry I haven’t stopped by recently, am off to have a big catch-up on your posts I’ve missed.

    Enjoy the weekend xx

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