Friday Finds ☆ Hotel Aryaduta Lippo Village Karawaci



Since we stayed during the promotion, which I will explain about later in this post, I have nothing but good things to say about the stay. It was very inexpensive. I think this room could use a update though. Even a small thing like, reupholstering the sofa and chairs and put more new style lamps could give the room a more polished look. I would color the wall with white paint to make the rooms look bigger and brighter, too. Overall it was a lovely and comfortable stay with much privacy and the best of all, we all felt so rejuvenated after the weekend as opposed to wanting another vacation after a trip which seems to be the usual case for us!

As for our sleeping situation, you can probably tell from the photo that we used a sofa as a bed for the two girls. We requested extra pillows and a blanket. To order an extra bed, we would have had to pay $30 per night, so we decided not to do that. They slept just fine.

The Cabana Suite was equipped with two very nice televisions, but there was no DVD player. If you would like your kids to watch movies in case of rain, you might want to bring a portable DVD player or computer. The internet access was free when we stayed. (I don’t now if it was because we stayed during the promotion period.)

In Case of Rain
You can go to the Shopping Mall (see pictures here) across the street from the hotel. Supermal Karawaci has a Cinema XXI and indoor amusement park, so even if it rains, just like in our case, you have things to do during the day. Times Bookstore was also very nice and our kids enjoyed playing with Legos and I enjoyed hanging out there.


We like Japanese food, so it was an easy decision for us to pick where to eat. There are several other options as well. We found the prices a bit high compared to the local restaurants, but we received a 20% discount coupon for food (drinks excluded) when we checked in and with that the prices got quite reasonable.

We took a stroll around the pool after dinner and could not wait to see how the pool looks like in the morning.

The attraction of the hotel is the Country Club that is attached to the hotel. You can use country club facility for free during the weekend. I do not have photos, but there is a kids room at the country club where you can leave kids for free and this kids center offer some classes to children. Some have charges and some are free. The country club also has many recreational activities for adults such as a gym, ping-pong room, pool table, badminton courts, tennis courts and so forth. The hotel also has a spa for massage, reflexology, pedicure, and manicure and the prices are very reasonable. You have options to get reflexology, pedicure and manicure either at the spa or pool side.



To me this breakfast hit the spot. For the price we paid, this was one of the highlights of our stay to me.


My older daughter totally loved the water slide. So did I. We kept going back for more and the time flew by.


We went to Hotel Aryaduta Lippo Karawaci to celebrate our girls birthdays. Instead of organizing a birthday party for our girls, we decided to use that money to go somewhere and celebrate. We thought about going to Bali or Singapore and checked out the air fare and so forth, but both options were quiet expensive for a weekend trip. I was telling my friend, Julie, about it and she told me about Aryaduta and said it would be a great weekend get-away. I totally agree with her.

Hotel Aryaduta Lippo Karawaci offers great discount prices for Indonesians as well as KITAS holders on weekends. They also sometimes give special discounts. For example, they had a promotion for weekend stay where guests could stay two nights with the price of one from the mid November to the end of the month. The price included fabulous breakfast buffet. We didn’t know about this and booked the room. Then I found out we happened to stay during the promotion time period. I felt so lucky!

This hotel worked out great for us for a weekend get-away. I was able to relax well during the trip without worrying about cooking or cleaning. If you live in Jakarta with young children and want to relax while kids can have fun, this is the place to be. I cannot wait to go back, maybe with our friends next time.

Hotel Aryaduta Lippo Village
401 Bulevar Jend. Sudiman Lippo Karawaci 1300
Tangerang 15811, Banten
Phone: +62 21 546 0101
Website: Hotel Aryaduta Lippo Village
For reservation, you may make one online, however I recommend that you call. If you have KITAS, make sure you mention it to the operator. They often have a promotion for KITAS holders.


  1. Ichiyo says

    This is a real get-away! We were recently talking about stay-cations in Barbados, but those will never come with the fantastic breakfast and water slide that you have in the photos – only comes with a not quite discounted price tag. We always wonder why they don’t have water parks here, it’s hot all year around and plenty of sea water! Life is better in Asia / South E. Asia, I am convinced. Have fun!!

  2. Shirley@kokken69 says

    Kaho, you take lovely holiday photos! Your photos have depicted what a lovely place this is for a family holiday- exotic, warm and calming. I used to travel to jakarta frequently for work and had loved the food and the warmth there….hopefully I will get to go there again soon!

  3. says

    Kaho, I want to visit you! the photos are amazing. that slide and the pool WOW!and OMG what a breakfast buffet, my favorite meal of the day! I think this trip was more fun for your daughters than a birthday party? You take great shots and I would be so jealous if you get an SLR!

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