Friday Finds ☆ BWA Bazaar

I went to a British Women’s Association’s (BWA) Christmas Bazaar held at Grand Kemang Hotel in Kemang. The architecture of Grand Kemang Hotel is modern and every time I passed by the hotel I always wanted to go in, so I was happy that I had this opportunity. The bazaar was a good size, cozy and easy to walk around. The venue had a very enthusiastic atmosphere with many people shopping for Christmas. It’s such a fun season, isn’t it? Here are some photos I have taken at some vendors where I found items I liked. I have even got to meet a few vendors I will talk about here and I had a great time getting to know them!


These purses, computer cases, wallets and passport and boarding pass cases made with beautiful fabric caught my attention as I was walking by. I haven’t seen products made with fabric like these in Jakarta. I love the colors, patterns and the design of the products. I started talking with the owner and she told me that the fabric was imported, but she designed everything. I like designs with many pockets for functionality which help me get organized and I like this aspect of Viola’s products on top of the fabric patterns. The wallets were adorable and reasonable and I wanted them all (of course I can’t afford to do that!)! I wanted to buy the passport cases for my friends who travel, but I couldn’t decide which patterns to pick, so I will have to go back later. The owner, Jessica, told me that she and her sister started the business together, but as her sister moved away, she took over the business. “Viola”, the name of her business, is the name of her mother, who passed away some time ago. Jessica’s mother was good at crafting and she wanted to dedicate the store to her. I think Viola sounds beautiful, sophisticated and feminine as her products reflect it well.

I also got to exchange email messages with Jessica. I gave her my contact information as well as my blog URL when I asked her if I could take her products photos so after she got home, she checked my blog and wrote me a very sweet message. I really enjoy meeting wonderful people through blogging and I think that is what makes me get hooked to my blogging.

Viola products are available at Kinokuniya Sogo Department Store on the 4th floor of Plaza Senayan. You may also order through


I saw a clutch purse I wanted. Do you see those blue and green ones in the front? I wanted the one in gray/white, but they were sold out. I got there a little too late!! They are simple yet cute, easy to hold and in a great size. They were only Rp. 250,000 (about US$28). I was bummed to not find the color I liked, but maybe next time.

Perum Jatibening Permai
Jl. Melati No. 6 Blok A – 114
Kalimalang – Bekasi 17412
Tel: 021-8477160


Jl. Kucica V block JH 2/no. 5
Bintaro Jaya Sektor 9
Tangerang 15229
TEL: 021-7451712

Their products are also available at Ranch Market, Sogo Food Hall, Ribbon Mini Market, Farmer Market, Ingridient, Kem Chicks and Chic Mart. (I do recognize some products I took photos of at Chic Mart!!)


I was browsing and these beautiful crochet bags came into my sight. I walked over to the booth and I saw a familiar face. A mom from my daughter’s school was sitting behind the booth! I was surprised! She was there with her sister who owns this crochet products shop “Habicap”. Apparently Balinese crochet is famous and she has a friend who does crochet in Bali, so she imports the products from her from Bali and sells them here. I love the colors they use for the products. Everything is handmade and the products of crochet sounds so labor intensive. They are adorable though! I love them!

Beautiful Sisters

Veranda Private Villa Unit T
Jl. Haji Saidi I No. 57A
Cipete Utara, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: 0811.903.204

Crochets are growing on me and I find so beautiful as I see more products here. I purchased a crochet lamp shade at Cahaya, a lamp store on Kemang Timur. I spent about a month and a half thinking about purchasing it (typical me) and I finally did about a couple of months ago. You can see its photo here in the post about my daughters’ bedroom.

remi & henri

My friend who was working at the store Habicap told me about Valerie who is Belgian origin and the owner of remi & henri. They said her products are very cute and she speaks fluent Japanese. Who would’ve thought that one of the non-Japanese vendors at a bazaar in Jakarta would speak fluent Japanese? I walked over to her and she did speak Japanese fluently! She was very nice and showed me her products. She buys fabric in Jakarta and designs her products. They are all hand-made by herself. I wish I could be crafty like her!!

The facebook fan page of remi & henri is here. She also has an Etsy store, but I couldn’t find it, so maybe later.

These are all I could afford to feature from the BWA Bazaar with the time I was allowed. There were many more wonderful vendors, too. I hope you found something you like here!

This is it for this week. I stayed up too late everyday this week because of the birthdays and blogging. I look like a raccoon and I’m sure my husband is not so happy about how sleep-deprived I am. I am afraid that I am too consumed by blogging and I need to draw a line to this. I am still figuring out my new routines. I’m going to sleep a lot this weekend. We’re going to a hotel just outside of Jakarta to have a little get away trip to celebrate our girls birthdays this weekend and I am very excited about it!! Will let you know how things go.


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