Friday Finds ☆ ART ERA gallery

I went to ART ERA gallery to buy bird cages the other day. It was my 3rd visit. First time I bought the white ceramic trays and the second time, I bought a thin tall side tables I have in our dining room. You can find the photos of it here. I’m very happy with the products and prices.

For the first time in my 3 visits at ART ERA gallery I saw the store owner, Nancy, this time and I got to talk with her. She is a designer and has had this store for quite a while. She wants to close her store for her personal reason, so she has had this sales for a while and plans on having it until she sells everything. I asked her if I could take photos of her store for my blog and she was very welcoming and told me that she herself has two blogs! One is for business and about her store and the other is personal. Please check them out!

She sells photography in frames at her store, so I asked who took the pictures. She replied and said she did! Quite impressive! You can see her beautiful photography work on her personal blog.

All the products at this store are on sale and have great prices. I don’t know how long it will last, so if you are interested, hurry, hurry!

ART ERA gallery
Jl. Kemang Timur No. 77
Jakarta Selatan 12730
Ph: (021)7181541

Here are the photos of the bird cages I bought at the store. They are in grayish white and very cute. We don’t plan on having birds. They are strictly for decoration purpose. I found two nails already in the beams, so I quickly hung them there, but I want to have two of them closer together with one of them hang on a string. My inspiration came from the display at one of my favorite stores in Jakarta called cayenne. You can find the photo in my post about cayenne here. I love them!

I hope you enjoyed my Friday Finds post. I’m sorry about posting this a little late.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ichiyo says

    So many nice things there!! It must be hard to limit yourself when you live at a place where you can go shopping and find great stuff everywhere. 7200 lbs… may not be enough for your next move :) I have been enjoying your blog, I think you have a great artistic/fashion talent.

    • says

      Ichiyo san, you’re very sweet… Thank you so much for coming to visit my blog. I am trying to limit myself from buying too much. I look around my house and am trying to get rid of stuff we don’t need, but it’s not easy!!

  2. says

    Your bird cages are cute and look lovely hanging on your outdoor area. I like the looks of the piece of furniture that man is working on in the bottom pics – very intricate detailing!

  3. says

    If I would live in Indonesia I would get crazy over the teak furnitures :)
    Here in Singapore we have a lovely shop called Origin Asia where most of the furnitures are designed by the owner and made in Indonesia. I love the shop but I assume it is much more expensive than if we could source things directly there… anyway we were there again yesterday…
    thanks for sharing!

  4. says

    I would go broke at these shops – I love looking at your post, and of course I love your taste too! I just caught up from the last several posts…I am also really sorry to hear you were ill, I hope it’s all gone now and that you’ll have a car soon! I can’t imagine what a pain in the butt that must be, definitely for the kids too… We miss you, Kaho! Just had a brush with a typhoon (didn’t make landfall) and Hubby’s in the states right now in Norfolk; our next home.

    • says

      Hi, Aviva!! Thank you for your kind words and your comment put me a smile on my face!! You’re going to Norfolk! That’s exciting! Now you know your next home, your time in Oki started to tick away. Enjoy as much as you can!

  5. Faiza usman says

    Love ur blog …a friend of mine is moving from Jakarta to dhaka ..her container has space so she has asked if I want any furniture …I have ordered on line an antique bench from a shop called konsep…can u suggest something aswell ..I am my self living in dhaka as an expat before that I was in Kenya for a few years…found ur blog when I was searching for furniture shops online …..keep up the great work ….amazing blog

    • says

      Faiza, thank you for your comment! I bought some furniture from KOI Kemang. Price wise, Konsep and KOI Kemang are about the same. KOI might have more modern, edgy pieces. You can see my furniture in my post about our living room in our new home in Mumbai. Another furniture place that I would’ve loved shopping, but I did not get to unfortunately for me, is Ethnicraft. Here is a page for Ethnicraft’s locations. Their furniture pieces have more contemporary feel to it. I don’t know if that’s the style you like. It is definitely the style I love. Their furniture on their website look amazing. I hope this helps!

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