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FREEDOM TREE was mentioned as one of the emerging hot shops in Bandra in western Mumbai on T Magazine, The New York Times Style Magazine in April 2014. Freedom Tree is, indeed, a shop that catches your attention as you pass by in the quaint residential neighborhood in Bandra. You walk into the Freedom Tree shop and the stylish furniture and beautiful textiles will jump into your sight.

At my first two visits, I didn’t have my camera with me and I was itching to take photos of the gorgeous store. I finally brought my camera at my third visit. The Freedom Tree store staff was very welcoming about my inquiry to take photos. That is always a great sign for me! As I always do, I tried to capture what I love and find appealing. I tend to get attracted to plain white and gray, but at Freedom Tree, I had my eyes on so many colorful items. What I find unique to Freedom Tree is that its designs boast contemporary style while respecting and involving the traditional Indian components as well. Freedom Tree delivers across India. You know what that means! You can invite Freedom Tree products to be yours even if you don’t live in Mumbai!

I hope you’ll enjoy my photos.




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Freedom Tree Mumbai10

Freedom Tree Mumbai

Freedom Tree Mumbai1

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Bandra Breeze, Plot no. 57/A, 23rd-28th Road, Bandra (W),
Mumbai 400050, India.
Tel : +91-22-2641-2999

Unit 3-5, Neeru Silk Mills,  126 N.M. Joshi Marg, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Lower Parel (W),
Mumbai 400013, India.
Tel : +91-22-2491-4433


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  1. says

    thank you kaho for your lovely write up and love for our little place. I used to live in kobe and admire much of what i saw in Japan. thanks to all our japanese friends who visit freedom tree for the colors! And we will send you some more images of new color ways in textiles!
    Latika ( founder freedom tree)

    • says

      Thank you so much for your time to write me a comment! I am sorry for taking so long to post this. For some reason, it was taken into a spam box. I’m glad I found it!!! I had no idea you used to live in Kobe!! Thank you for allowing me to take photos of your beautiful store. I’ll have to come visit Freedom Tree again soon!

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