Wendesday Wall2Wall ☆ Fourth of July Decoration

My mother-in-law is one of the people who inspired me with interior designs. She’s really good with decorating her home as you can see in the photos on this post. This is my mother-in-law and her husband’s home in San Antonio. Every holiday she redecorates her dining and living rooms to bring spirits for the holiday. I wrote a post about her “San Antonio II” two years ago. The photos of the Fourth of July decoration my mother-in-law did two years ago are also included in the post “San Antonio II”.

She makes the dinner table look so festive and fun. I love going to her home to see how she decorates and it always feel so warm and welcoming. She and her mother, my husband’s grandmother, are one of those people who see items and know how to decorate in a creative way.

Do you see little plates with gold trim on the table? I wouldn’t think to put them on the table as decoration if I see them in a store, but they actually look really cool on a table, don’t you think?


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