Flying Daughter

It was the last day of school. Bunch of school friends got together for a pool play date. Some people are leaving Jakarta for good to move onto their next destinations. I brought my camera to take photos of the kids, but I ended up being too busy with my baby son and also chatting with friends. A couple of hours later I saw that my daughter was playing by herself, so I picked up my camera and got to her. This is what I did to entertain ourselves.

Below was a photo project I did with my first daughter. She jumped from a diving board and I took photos. Just like the “yowayowa camera woman diary” blog. Have you seen this? It’s really interesting.

Here are some that came out more decent than others.

Oh, hello!


You surprised me!

I can also sit in the air!

I am floating. Would you like to join me?

It is so hard to take a photo of a human in action and make it look like the person is not moving. I took a whole bunch, but I had to delete many of them. My photos did not come out as well as I wanted them, but this is my best for that day. Natsumi, the author of “yowayowa camera woman diary” blog, is truly amazing. She’s got skills.


    • says

      I have Canon EOS Rebel T3. Something that beginner SLR user would buy. I’m happy with it. It’s light. Thank you!!! I still need to study more about the shutter speed and stuff, but your words are encouraging!

  1. says

    Good job Kaho! I’ve been playing a lot with aperture but not with speed yet. Jumping into the pool is a great opportunity to play with the speed setting. I love the pics!

    • says

      It was fun to play with different shutter speed settings. I haven’t changed aperture much. I need to play with that, too.

  2. saori says

    お姉ちゃん かわいい♪ ちょっと ひょうきん(?)な面も持ってるのね〜♪
    ますます 魅力的だわ♪

    • says

      That’s a good point! I am still a total amateur and not so good, but if you like to take photos like the ones in my blog, I’d be happy to help.


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