First Brunch in Jakarta

We went out for brunch with my husband’s coworkers. First brunch in Jakarta! The place we went was Four Seasons Hotel and many people seem to like this place. The place was beautiful and the food was tasty. I had taken photos until I was stopped by one employee at the floor and asked whether I had a permission to take photos. The answer was no. I realized I needed to be careful with where I take photos. Needless to say I stopped taking pictures after that. Therefore, I don’t have any pictures of dessert which is a big bummer. They had a great spread. I’m a huge dessert person and I enjoyed eating almost every single item!

We loved the food and enjoyed the company of our friends. It’s always fun to explore a new place and meet new people. There was an area for kids to play while parents eat. Isn’t this such a great idea? Some children were accompanied by their nannies while their parents relaxed at the table. Not us. We were also told that if you have brunch at this restaurant, you can also use their swimming pool. We didn’t prepare to swim, so we didn’t take advantage of the opportunity unfortunately.

As for prices, I don’t remember exactly how much, but I remember thinking that the price for fancy places like this was not cheap. We have to be careful how much we spend especially when we go to expat hangouts.


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    What a coincidence! We also went to our first brunch here today too!!
    I didn’t take any pictures either simply because I didn’t bring my camera… Our blog is having some technical problems and I can’t update it right now… :(

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