Feelin’ Like Crafting ☆ Preview

This is the picture of my most recent creation, a wreath for summer. My Japanese friend, Nami, has a certificate to teach flower arrangement, so she helped me make this. I picked out these artificial flowers and the base from a craft store and she taught me how to make a wreath. I have some pictures of the making, so I plan on posting the photos so that some of you who might be interested in making one can get some ideas. I could’ve not done this without a help from my friend, but I’ll try to spell out the lessons and advice she gave me as much as I remember. The wreath in the photo on this page was not checked by Nami, so it might look different after she does a final checking.

I spent a while writing up a post for yesterday. Even though I love blogging, I feel a bit burned out tonight probably because of the lack of sleep. I need a break from writing. I’m excited about writing a post on how to make a wreath soon. I hope you’ll come back to check it out!


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