Father’s Day

Hello there again. It’s been a week since we left Virginia on June 24. Where are we now? We are in good ol’ Texas. We first landed in Dallas and spend time with my husband’s sister and nephew. Then we drove all the way down to San Antonio. We’ve made a long way. How have we been? Great. We’ve had one sick child and one sick mom (yes, me) along the way though. I worked and played non-stop for a while before we left our old home in Virginia. I’m paying my dues right now. The accumulated stress and fatigue over the past month before our big pack-out finally came down to hit me.

Before I go on to post about our vacation in Texas, I wanted to post this since this is long over due. We had a Father’s Day with our friends right before our impending pack-out. Everyone has to take a break. Right? Since the World Cup had started, my husband’s wish for Father’s Day was to watch a game or two. I incorporated the game watching in our plan. We went to a swimming pool at our temporary housing with our good friends in the late morning, had lunch at our apartment, and then watched a World Cup match between Cote d’Ivoire and Brazil with some of our friends.

My very talented friend, Kyra, whose daughter’s birthday party I covered on my blog made Father’s Day cupcakes. Aren’t they darling? The cakes are brownies (yum!) and the top is made with candies. Father’s Day = Grilling. Stakes, skewered vegetables and sausages. I hope you will look at the details she put into making these cakes. She said she found the recipe online. Those definitely made our Father’s Day special! Dads were very happy and could not keep their hands off of them!

I have many pictures I would love to post in the near future, but we’ll be on the road again soon. I’ll see how fast I can catch up on my blog. Wish me luck!


    • says

      Thanks, Yumi! I miss you, too!!! I can’t imagine how you pack out with four kids, but with your skill and zen attitude about everything, you’ll get through this just fine.

  1. Macarena Aristegui says

    Kaho! That’s crazy… Did I tell you that the three of us spent more than half of our vacation in Chicago sick in bed? We had the worst cold ever. I never had a cold that put me in bed for three straight days before. Hope it never happens again.

    • says

      I’m sorry to hear that. I remember reading your facebook update about that. I think all of you were exhausted from the move which made your immune system down. I think that’s what happened to me. I hope it’ll never happen to either of us in the future!

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