Ahilaya ☆ Sheer Kurti with Indian Embroidery
Mao Mao Indie Top ☆ Cropped Top in Cream Color
Black Lace Dress With Strap Back
Gap Mint Green Flower Print Denim, Zara Shirt & Forever 21 Necklace
Zara Kurta ☆ Indian Kurta by Zara
Zara Navy Dress
AND Dress ☆ Black Tie-Dye
AND Gray Dress
Le Petit Society ☆ Matching Safari Shirt with my son
Cottonworld Blue Shirt ☆ Modern Indian style blue shirt with a belt
Curly Hair Style ☆ Haircut at SAKS in Mumbai, India
Styling With A Scarf
Sparkly Sequence Shirt from Cottonworld
iSanctuary Blue Braided Necklace With Zara white shirt & two kinds of jeans
Indian Jewelry with Mango shirt + Old Navy pants
Stripe & Maxi Skirt ☆ with iSanctuary Necklace
Black & White Polka Dots shirt & black jeans
How to Wear A Saree/Sari
Mint Green Saree
MANGO Maxi Dress ☆ neon yellow maxi dress with MANGO purse & iSanctuary jewelry
Border Shirt & Green Pants ☆ MANGO shirt, GAP pants, & iSanctuary accessories
Silver Ball Gown
azure ☆ navy and yellow shirts ☆ Brand originally from Chennai

A Lil’ Experimentation Trying out clothes at ZARA
I Think I Like This Zara Gray shirt and yellow dress
Sweet But Not Too Sweet H&M Raffle Shirt and Earrings from Ethiopia
I Already Miss Wearing My Boots H&M dress, gray leggings, boots
Different Styles ZARA stripe shirt, Gap pants, Miley Cyrus T-shirt, Jeans, Animal Print Shoes from Old Navy
Me and My Challenges Zara shirt, Old Navy cargo pants
Inspiration For Cargo Pants
Bad Day shirt from Target, vest from Gossip on 23rd, pants from Gap
Shirt From My Sister ☆ THE EMPORIUM
A Few Style With A Simple Zara Dress
Wednesday Wardrobe Zara tube top green dress with gray hooded short sleeve sweat, express halter top
Wednesday Wardrobe shirt from Gossip on 23rd, beads necklace from J.Crew, silver necklace from H&M, pearl necklace from Old Navy, owl necklace from my friend, gray shirt with flower corsage and gray skirt
Wednesday Wardrobe ☆ Melange Black and white stripe dress from Body & Soul combined with different jackets, cream color H&M shirt with flower necklace, Yukata (Japanese summer casual kimono)
Wednesday Wardrobe ☆ Necklace or Without white top with turquoise necklace from Chic Mart, gray top with gray and black necklace, purple Zara dress
Monday Mode White Old Navy tank with a sweater from Gossip on the 23rd and gray pants, Miley Cyrus T-shirt with gray Gap bermuda pants, gray dress
Monday Mode ☆ Gray Shirt Variation
Monday Mode ☆ H&M simple dress H&M grayish brown dress
Monday Mode ☆ Blue Tube Top ZARA Dress
Monday Mode ☆ Shirts by Magnolia – Indonesian Fashion Brand
Charles Keith Shoes & Accessories
Fun With Retro T-Shirts
Magnolia Raffle Shirt
et cetera lavender tanktop with raffles
Monday Mode ☆ Magnolia Stripe Shirt ☆ マグノリア
Monday Mode ☆ Gray Dress & Magnolia Scarves
Monday Mode ☆ Stripe Mania ☆ COLORBOX
Fashion At My Friend’s Wedding
Slap On Watch

Summer Shorts and Sequin Shirt
The Little Things She Needs, Forever 21, Gap
Tailored Dress Maternity
Body & Soul Summer Dress
Lace Top
Lace Dress
Black Romper

Mia Tui Bags

Accessorize ☆ Necklaces


Le Petit Society ☆ Yellow Safari Rhino Shirt

Le Petit Society ☆ Safari Shirts & Tribal Dresses

Indian Dresses ☆ Bollywood Theme Birthday Party
I Heart Stripes Border Shirts

Joy of Styling Gap, Comme Ca Ism, Old Navy, Target
Picking Flowers
My Kids Are GrowingGap summer dress and Kumikyoku outfit
Style Journal Of My Girls Gap, J.Crew, Old Navy, Target
Wednesday Wardrobe ☆ Kids
Wednesday Wardrobe J.Crew dress, Gap dress, Target dress
Wednesday Wardrobe ☆ Style For Girly Girls
Wednesday Wardrobe ☆ Dresses and T-Shirt
Wednesday Wardrobe ☆ Dresses Purchased at Permata Hijau
Wednesday Wardrobe ☆ Dresses Purchased At ITC Permata Hijau Continued
Monday Mode ☆ J.Crew Kids Ruffle and Bow
Kids In A New Outfit Pink plaid shirt with skinny jeans, blue leopard print dress
Monday Mode ☆ Hello Kitty boots, Tutu and girly-ness
Monday Mode ☆ Vietnamese Ao Dai
Monday Mode ☆ Red Dresses Monday Mode ☆ Kids Fashion and Versatile Picks
Batik Dresses For Girls
Monday Mode ☆ Batik Dresses For Girls
Monday Mode ☆ Black And Pink Outfit & Summer Dresses
Monday Mode ☆ My Little Girls
Monday Mode ☆ Old Navy Dress & Carters Outfit & My Silly Girls
Monday Mode ☆ Crochet Headband & Favorite OLD NAVY Dress
Monday Mode ☆ COMME CA ISM Girl Shirt & Skirt コムサイズム
Monday Mode ☆ Alun Alun Indonesia
Tutu Skirts From Target
Target Kids Swimsuits
Gymboree and Old Navy Outfits
Bali Braids
Converse and Puma Shoes Shopping at Pasaraya, Jakarta
Monday Mode ☆ Gap & Peppermint Blue
White Flower Shirt

Chateau de sable French designer clothes started in Singapore


Wavy Hair ☆ In India

Our 3-Year-Old’s First Haircut & Bangs
New Hair Style ☆ Wavy
Bangs First time for my older daughter to have bangs at the age of 6
Wavy Perm 2012 at nobu, Japanese salon in South Jakarta


The White Window Pop Up Shop ☆ Raya Jewels & Laila Motwane

Harry Darsono Museum ☆ Indonesian Fashion Designer
Monday Mode ☆ Fashion Show British Women’s Association Jakarta 2011 ☆ Behind The Stage

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