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These photos are way overdue, but I have wanted to blog about this one cafe I went in Singapore when I lived there for the birth of my third child. (I flew out to Singapore from Jakarta, Indonesia to deliver a baby for a better medical care.) It’s called eM by the River. There are number of restaurants along the Singapore River from Grand Copthorn Waterfront Hotel Singapore all way to Clark Quay and eM by the River is on Robertson Quay. It’s a restaurant bar that allows dogs to come.

I went there to meet with a friend of my friend who lives in Singapore. She brought her friend who is a well-known Japanese blogger in the Japanese community there. She takes great photos and her writing in Japanese is quite entertaining. Both girls I met are Japanese. I met them twice at the same eM by the River because one of my friends has a dog. When I met the girls for the second time, I brought my Japanese friend and her son whom I met at the apartment, Great World Serviced Apartments, where I lived for 2 months in February and March of 2012. She’s also a blogger who writes in Japanese about her expat life in Singapore and features places that she discovers. I like reading about her finds in Singapore with her great photos on her blog.

My blogger friend whom I mentioned first wrote about our get together at eM by the River with neat photos. You can read her post written in Japanese here. She took great pictures of my middle daughter and my friend’s son playing together at the restaurant.

eM by the River Singapore03eM by the River Singapore3

It’s a really nice open cafe (a bit warm as it’s open air) that lets people with dogs sit at the table with their pets. You can ask for water for your dog. Neat, right? The food was good and priced reasonably for the Singapore standard (Singapore is expensive!!).

eM by the River Singapore2

My daughter ordered a plate of pancake for lunch. Since she was there to accompany me at a restaurant where she didn’t have much to do, I was in a mood for treating her with whatever she wanted to have for lunch.
eM by the River Singapore4

I reminisce about the time I spent in Singapore very fondly. I love Singapore. I sometimes miss the temporary life I had at the beginning of 2012 in Singapore even though I am very happy in Jakarta. I also know well that the lifestyle in Jakarta fits better for me for the stage of life I am in right now with 3 little kids. I am grateful to have wonderful memories I was able to make in Singapore during my 2-month stay. Singapore will always remain to be a special place since my son was born there.

eM By the River
1 Nanson Road #01-05
of Gallery Hotel
Singapore 238909
Tel :6836 9691
Fax :3125 7127

Operating Hours
Mon to Thurs 9am to 2am
Fri & Eve of PH 9am to 3am
Sat 8am to 3am
Sun 8am to 2am


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    The pancake seems so fluffy!! ^_^
    Clarke quay area is my fave area in singapore, which made me stayed in this hotel once, but never realize there was such a restaurant due to rush visit everytime i got chance to see singapore :p . Reflect my self: to get some more time there

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      I like Robertson Quay because I think it’s more local than touristy like in Clarke Quay. It’s just nice that there is a sidewalk right next to a river where you can stroll, relax and watch people! I just loved an ordinary thing like that so much when I lived in Singapore. It’s a luxury that you don’t realize it is until you live in a city where normal sidewalk is scarce.

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