Easy Peasy Japanesey Futon

I wrote in my previous post that I would post about Japanese futon, so here it is. We lived in Okinawa, Japan for two years before we moved back to the States and while we were there, I purchased two sets of Japanese style bed called futon shown above at NITORI. The store has cheap modern home goods and furniture and the prices are very reasonable. I used to love going to the store especially there was no IKEA in Okinawa.

We only use one set of futon and my older daughter sleeps in it since my younger one can still use her crib. So, the other set has been kept unopened in our storage. Futon is convenient for apartment living because of the space you get by not placing a bed in a room. It’s easy and fast to fold or unfold and put away in a closet. Just like in the photos. I have white square bowls I purchased at NITORI. I regret that I didn’t buy more since I love them! You can see some of their products here. They also have online catalogs. You’ll be surprised to see the prices. You think prices in Japan are high, but you find that it’s not necessarily true. NITORI is like Japanese version of Target. Could be even better.


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    Nittori is great :-) I don`t think I have one close to me but I have used the online version before. I also like shimachu which is similar but maybe not as good.

    We use a bed and Noah is in a cot- I think we may change in the future though. We have futons for guests though (we live in a 3LDK which is quite big for just 3 of us by Japanese standards- it is 76m2 which for an Aussie like me seems small but it is definitely the biggest apartment we have had in Japan) and I love that I can pull the futons out for the guests, then hang them outside on a sunny day then pack them into the cupboard later which means the guest room, which is also where I keep my craft things and my husband`s computer is pretty empty when we have no guests.

    I like the idea of a futon for children though.

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      I think I will use futon for sleep-over for my girls in Jakarta. For living in Japan, it is definitely useful to have futon for house guests. Your place sounds big! That’s a good size for Japan especially in your area. I wish I could hang our mattresses outside sometimes! Mattresses seem to absorb the humidity in the air and get heavier. I think I will use mattresses on the floor for our daughters’ beds in Jakarta just because we’ll have the space. We’ll have more space than we can afford to decorate, so I might use bed as part of the decor. We’ll see…

  2. Eri says

    Kaho-chan, hisashiburi! You really inspired me to feel like starting my own blog or at least to write an essay on my travel experiences. But I realized that I don’t have any keen ability to take photographs… Anyways, I was so sad to find out that there is no IKEA in the Kyshu area until I found Nitori within 15-minute drive from our house!! Nitori is a great alternative to IKEA.

    • says

      Hi, Eri san! You should start an interior design blog since you’re so good at it! With your aesthetic sense, I have no doubt you’ll take great photos and do well on the blog. I’m glad to know you are happy with Nitori!

  3. lilian says

    I love your style of design. Great job. You have two beautiful girls. Amazing living abroad experiences with 7 international moves in 11 yrs. That make me curious what’s your husband job have such frequent moving?

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